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Grey’s Anatomy has guided me through the dark just like my parents and teachers. Here is to hoping that it keeps on inspiring everyone for as long as possible.

“The most amazing thing about Meredith, though, is that she takes all that pain, all that loss, and she turns it into drive: to save lives, to make things better. And despite all that she has lost, she continues to find joy in her work; as a surgeon, as a teacher, as a mother. That she managed to share that joy through her spirit of discovery, and of possibility, and of hope, right in the face of darkness, I am profoundly grateful for the lessons that I have learned from Meredith Grey.” – Jackson Avery

Grey’s Anatomy recently achieved a milestone when it aired its 300th episode. It has been twelve years and the journey does not end here. This is a show that has given me the strength of character and helped me march forward in the darkest of times. Meredith Grey and Christina Yang taught me how to face obstacles head on and never shy away from displaying courage. Alex, George and Izzie taught me to not be ashamed of my vulnerabilities. Derek, Mark and Lexie Grey taught me to open my heart and be ready to unconditionally love someone. With each tragedy that Meredith faced over the course of these fourteen years, she taught me to stand up no matter how dire the circumstances are.

The soundtrack has comforted me in my heartbreaks. The strains of ‘Chasing Cars’ has the power to make me weep at any moment just because of this series. Everyone who watched this series nurtured the dream to become a doctor. I obviously did not pursue this ambition but there are many people out there who were inspired by this show to take up this stream. Over the years I realised that it was not so much about becoming a doctor but about becoming a good human being. And I can never be more grateful to Shonda Rhimes for teaching me that.

Grey’s Anatomy has the power to transform a person’s life. It tells you to seize the day, to value the loved ones, to be more acceptable about other people’s weaknesses, to value life, to be selfless and to hope. All these lessons have proved crucial to me in the past and continue to do so. Over the years this reel family has become as real as possible to me. I have watched these characters struggle and have struggled with them. They have now become an indispensible part of my life. I only hope that I am able to experience my life with them for as long as possible.
Cheers to the many more episodes of this series that will colour our life.


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More often than not, professions are used to provide settings for TV series. Whenever we watch a TV show related to the course we are studying, we go, “Hey, I know that feel!”  Internet memes drawing comparisons between such TV shows and various fields of study are also common. And, well, I’ll show restraint and not talk about binge-watching.

Shows that are related to our course make us start fantasising about a life that is majorly similar to that of the characters. Here’s a list of some shows that relate to our college majors:

Law – Suits

Image credits: booktrib.com

It’s sad that we live in a world where Harvey Specter doesn’t exist. Suits is a legal drama revolving around a law firm called Pearson Hardman. The protagonist of the show is Harvey Specter, a Manhattan-based corporate lawyer who hires Mike Ross as his associate. Mike is a college dropout who takes LSATs for a living and possesses an eidetic memory. Together, they solve cases while maintaining the fact that Mike isn’t actually a lawyer.

Journalism – The Newsroom

Image credits: macaulay.cuny.edu
Image credits: macaulay.cuny.edu

Just the fact that Aaron Sorkin is the creator of this extraordinary political drama show should be enough to make one binge-watch it. Two great things about The Newsroom are an ensemble cast and the intricate Sorkin dialogue. Together with his staff, amidst various obstructions, Jeff Daniels as ACN’s lead anchor presents a show called ‘The News Night with Will McAvoy’. The episodes are based around actual events, an attribute that makes the show seem more realistic.

Medicine – Grey’s Anatomy

Image credits: netflixlife.com
Image credits: netflixlife.com

Grey’s Anatomy tells us about the gruelling schedule that doctors adjust with. The show’s protagonist, Meredith Grey, together with a group of other doctors, starts working as an intern in Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in Seattle. During a course of 11 seasons, they evolve into experienced doctors and manage to deal with their adulthood.

Physics – The Big Bang Theory

Image credits: uncyclopedia.wikia.com
Image credits: uncyclopedia.wikia.com

The heroes of the show are Leonard and Sheldon, two physicists in California. Their life changes dramatically when Penny, a pretty waitress, starts living across the hall. The men along with their friends, Howard and Raj, represent a group of geeks who face frequent social awkwardness.

Computer Science – Person of Interest

Image credits: seriable.com
Image credits: seriable.com

This show is a quintessential combination of sci-fi, crime and drama. A former CIA officer, John Reese, is hired by Harold Finch, a reclusive billionaire. They join forces to combat crime in New York City. Finch has designed a program called Contingency which utilizes the concept of pattern recognition to ascertain individuals who will soon be involved in violent crimes.

Political Science – House of Cards

Image credits: techcrunch.com
Image credits: techcrunch.com

A political drama, the series demonstrates the manipulation and pragmatism required in a political scenario. Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood is deceived by Garret Walker, the President of United States. Frank and his wife Claire begin seeking revenge and decide to destroy Walker and his allies, one by one.