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After the declaration of results, several rounds of admissions to follow in the supernumerary seats of the ECA category.

On Monday, 15th July, the University of Delhi (DU) announced the schedule as well as detailed guidelines for aspirants seeking admission to its colleges under the Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA) quota.

The University conducted the Preliminary rounds of trial for fourteen categories of the ECA quota from 25th June 2019 to 5th July 2019. The results of shortlisted students to appear for the Final round of trials was released on 6th July 2019 and the Finals were conducted from 9th July 2019 to 14th July 2019.

Schedule for Registration and UG Admission via ECA quota Image Credit: Delhi University
Schedule for Registration and UG Admission via ECA quota Image Credit: Delhi University

According to the recent information uploaded on the DU website, the result or the merit list prepared after the Finals, will be notified on 17th July, 2019 at 5 pm. After which, there will be several rounds of registration and admissions for candidates whose names figure in ECA Merit Lists – four rounds have been scheduled so far. Aspirants should note that each college will conduct its registration process separately, and that there is no centralisation of this process. Therefore, they will have to apply separately to each of the colleges they are seeking admission to, during each of the registration and admission rounds.

The first round of registration is scheduled from 18th July 2019 to 20th July 2019, and the colleges will release their first notification of admitted candidates on 22nd July 2019 by 10 am. The candidates who secure admission in each of the rounds of admission, are required to pay their fees on the DU portal by 3 pm on the next day of taking admission.

There are 1,050 seats up for grabs under the fourteen categories according to the DU’s Bulletin of Information for candidates seeking admissions to Undergraduate programmes. The varsity has also specified that a maximum of five percent of the total seats in a college have to be put up for admission under this category.

Lastly, the aspirants seeking admission under ECA must keep in mind that they are required to carry all relevant documents in hard copy for the admissions procedure, and will also have to sign a bond on a non-judicial stamp paper, committing to take part in that ECA activities of the college, throughout their stay in college.

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The first year of college is like a genie’s lamp. You rub on it and woosh! The magic arrives. Make the best out of your first year by following these tips.

The first year in college is a fantastic time for you as it is an upgradation from your monotonous school life and is a great way to step into adulthood. So buckle up as you read the list of things that are available for you to pursue in college apart from academics.

College Societies

College societies provide an incredible way to gain a lot of exposure. The University of Delhi (DU) has a vast range of college societies. From dance and music societies to the ones in the fields of theatre and debating, from the alluring fashion societies to the fanatics of literature, there are so many societies with which you can register and be a part of. What’s the wait for, then?


Organisations like Enactus or AIESEC are among the many forums that a college student can actively be a part of. Enactus is a community of students and young entrepreneurs who work towards progress of the society and environmental issues. So if working alongside the social sector is what interests you, being a part of Enactus is a good option. Almost every college affiliated to DU has its own Enactus team, so go ahead and make the best use of it. Working along similar lines are many more organisations like ‘Tamanna’, CRY and so on. Although they are not associated with DU, being a part of them refines you and accelerates growth.

Working alongside Student Publications

Working along with student publications which encourage participating students is a good way to expand your horizons. If you’re a good writer or you feel you have immense potential in this field, do not hesitate from joining them. A few of the examples are DU Beat, Delhi Poetry Slam, The Anonymous Writer and so on.

Find your own Hamilton House

If you have followed popular culture, you’d associate Hamilton House with the vintage windows and elitist fragrances of Columbia University. Here’s a chance to create one or be a part of one. The purpose is to entail and find an area of similar interest and work upon it in work groups who meet up and discuss issues. Be it the welcoming wafts of coffee on a Starbucks outlet, or the décor of aesthetics at the Oxford Bookstore, find and create your own little secret club, or your mini ‘Dead Poets Society’.

 Explore the City’s Cherished Clubs

Be it the Indian Mountaineering Foundation or the Delhi Cycling Club, Delhi has within itself an entire array of co-curricular activities to provide to you. For reading maniacs, book clubs are a perfect opportunity to meet and interact with like-minded people. Check this link out to understand the different book clubs that you can be a part of https://notionpress.com/blog/delhi-book-clubs-that-every-bookworm-should-join/


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