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Whoever thought that evil eye jewellery could also be a fashion trend? Well follow these tips to ace your style game!

The evil eye glare, is a curse or a legend dating back to thousands of years back. While there are several different theories in different cultures, there is always a method to madness, when it comes to averting it or trying to avoid it.

Be it the nazar battus, or the kala tikka or the occasional cotton flame burning to ward off evil residing near us, we all at some point or the other come across this evil glare. So why not make it as trendy as possible. Whoever said that fashion is restricted to anything?

  • Evil eye bracelet
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With so many different variations in this trend, nothing ever goes wrong wearing a bracelet. You know this shield will protect you while it rains or when the sun casts the brightest rays.

The bracelets can be from your typical beaded bracelets with the evil eye pendants or the black thread, these are eye-catchers and something which goes with every outfit!

  • Nazar dhaaga
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While it is commonly worn by a lot of people, you can accessorize this left ankle necessity in your own way. There are so many different cultures who believe in the evil eye. So grab a real teaser and something which you love as well. You can style it in the form of an anklet or a simple kaala dhaaga (black thread), with a beautiful feng-shui pendant or a Turkish authentic battu.

  • Necklaces
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Be it in sterling silver or something extravagantly light, a necklace attracts attention while warding off the evil glares. You can pair up chokers with your evil eye necklace to give a more complete look. For a fancier look, you can always go for something more elite. The Riddhima Kapoor Sahni evil eye collection is a perfect addition to your style wardrobe!

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  • When Boho met Superstition
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Your inner bohemian diva is in for a treat as the following tip is a conversation starter. Look out for evil eye earrings, you can easily find a lot of feng-shui inspired earrings in your local markets or on online retail. Knick Knack Knook, an online and Instagram portal also brings forward an eclectic collection of earrings. Bohemian rings are a must. A really cool evil eye inspired ring collection is what will make every day the sunniest for you.

So what is the wait for? No chiding for the ‘boori nazar wale’, it’s a nod and a go for acing your fashion game. You can buy evil eye jewellery in souks and street markets around you. Online retailers like Amazon, Myntra, and Caratlane also offer interesting finds. For those in Delhi, the Tibetian refugee market and Janpath are also excellent places for quirky, evil-eye jewellery. 

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