Delhi University Principals’ Association (DUPA) decides to put joining of Ad-Hoc teachers in abeyance resulting in loss of livelihood of 4500 teachers, in response to the decision, the Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA) has launched an indefinite strike. 

On 29th November, 2019, DUPA held a meeting. In the meeting, it was decided that joining of ad-hoc teachers and disbursal of their salaries will be suspended. DUPA has taken this decision on the basis of the 28th August 2019 DU circular, however, the circular only mandates that appointment of guest teachers can be made against only substantive vacancies arising which arise for the first in a given academic session.

 Earlier, the Vice Chancellor, using the 28th August circular, had denied appointment of these teachers on Ad-hoc vacancies, till those vacancies could be filled on permanent basis. Due to this, the vacant position which arise out of resignation/retirement of current teachers were forcefully kept vacant. This hampered many students as many classes have not been met across colleges and departments in this semester.

 Now, The 28th August letter is now being interpreted by the DUPA further to deny livelihood to more than 4500 ad-hoc teachers who are already in service and have been working against substantive posts for past several years. These teachers have been denied their salaries and renewal letters just at the end of this semester. 

 Saikat Ghosh, Member, Standing Committee (Academic Affairs), Academic Council, DU said, “The immediate crisis that is serving Ad-hoc teachers of DU face is due to the active connivance of some influential college principals. They have gone beyond the brief of the 28 August circular and persuaded the DU Principals Association (DUPA) to halt salaries and renewal letters for all serving Ad-hoc teachers. The DUPA’s callous decision is a betrayal of the teachers’ movement at a crucial time when the DUTA is fighting to get permanent appointments and promotions started in right earnest. Teachers are left with no option but to strike back by ceasing all official duties.” 

 In response to the mistreatment of teachers, wherein 4500 teachers have been shown the door, the DUTA has decided to give three working days’ time to the Vice Chancellor to agree to their demand of withdrawing the 28 August letter which has caused all of this ruckus.  

DUTA has said, “If the demand is not met, the teacher body of over 10,000 teachers will go for an Indefinite Strike, starting from Wednesday, 4th December. Teachers will boycott evaluation, invigilation duties and all other official work.” 

In crux of the matter, The 28 August Circular has been manipulated to deny salaries and renewal letters to more than 4500 teachers, leaving them unemployed. Adding to this, the vacancies now created due to dispersal of these teachers will create an instability amidst the entire university and hamper the classes of many students of many departments. 

Feature Image Credits: India TV 

Chhavi Bahmba