Ques. Amma, I enjoy sex a lot more when I’m slightly tipsy or drunk but my boyfriend is unable to do it when he is even slightly intoxicated. How do we resolve this?

Ans. Aiyyo, I see an impression of me in you! Well, this is not that big a problem. We just need to find a path that serves the purpose of both you and your dosa, little vada!

The solution is simple, there’s no harm in drinking alone. To let out a little secret, Amma does it all the time! If you feel you’ll be able to feel the steam better with some added water, little idli, go ahead with it. If your boyfriend is not comfortable with the same, he may not join you. This idli and chutney combination can work out brilliantly for you if you’re willing to take the matter in your own hands (pun intended).

Whenever you know it’s going to be your day (or night), you can drink alone if you really need it. Amma also believes that you can find ways to feel good about the act without being drunk. Talk about this to your boyfriend; talking is the key to good relationships (and sex!). If both of you know the other’s needs and desires, it’ll be better than ever before!



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