Dear Auburn,
I am a second year student studying in DU. Over the course of the year, I have put on a lot of weight on my waist. I am thin all over, but I have a bulging belly. My friends have started noticing the pot belly and making fun of it. How should I dress to conceal the issue?
-Novice Fatty


Dear Fatty,
Firstly, don’t sound so desolate. Your problem is not impossible to solve. There are two ways of addressing your issue: a) The short-term solution and b) The long term solution.

Fashion can help you in the short run. Wear loose kurtas, palazzo pants and maxi dresses. At the same time, avoid tank tops, high-waisted jeans and crop tops. If you’re very conscious about the bulge, then try a tummy tucker as well. The key is to take away attention from your waist, not bring attention to it. So you must also steer clear from dresses that bunch up at your waist. They’ll only make you look heavier.

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Exercise and nutrition are the only things that can permanently solve your problem. If you’re thin all over and your midriff is the only issue, then clearly, you’re not eating right.  Combining good eating habits with regular exercise will help you shape up for sure!

Don’t lose hope. Camouflage your problem with fashion and at the same time, embrace a healthy lifestyle. You’ll be good to go, ‘lil munchkin!