To say that Delhi is known for its food is to state the obvious. The city, with the multiplicity of cultures flowing through it, presents to you some of the most savory desserts and sweets. This list will come in handy to satiate your sweet cravings:

1. Mud Cake, Coffee House

The Mud cake is as delicious as it gets in this basement café in Majnu ka Tilla. The richness of flavors gives you multiple foodgasms. And it is so light on the pocket, too!

2. Banoffee Pie, YOLO 21

You only live once, and shouldn’t live without having tried their Banoffee pie. A meal there is heaven, and the banoffee pie, with its layers is the metaphorical cherry on top. Crunchiness and sweetness combine well in this dessert.

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3. Apple Jalebi, Café Lota

A crunchy slice of apple transformed into a jalebi with a gooey inside. Couple that with coconut chutney, and we have a terrific combination to tame your sweet pangs.

4. Red velvet, Maison Des desserts

Richness takes a new meaning in desserts here. HKV houses this dessert factory which, although heavy on the pocket, you can still enjoy a lavish ending to your meal on your birthday.

5. Chocolate velvet Cake, Big Chill Cakery

The smooth texture of the cake will have you drooling over its very sight. If that is not enough, a wide range of mouth-watering desserts await you here.

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6. Froyo, Cocoberry

Short for Frozen Yoghurt, this is sinful yoghurt with toppings. This is more preferable in summers, when shelving extra for something cool doesn’t hurt.

7. Chocolate Walnut Brownie, Ama café

Another treat from the café famous for pancakes. But in case you missed breakfast here, the brownie will totally make up for it.

8. Marbled chocolates, Sinfully yours

Chocolate in any form is sinfully ours. Desserts with some of the classiest presentations, Sinfully yours is a treat for you if you love depth and richness in your desserts.

If all else fails grab a chocolate doughnut at Dunkin Donuts or Mad Over Donuts.

All Image Credits: Kritika Narula

Kritika Narula

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