Vandana Somani

Wel what can i say abt a girl who can do anything for her loved ones....I think caring 4 my people is what makes me satisfied...hmmm what else......AM inimitable, do things in my own strange way....sometimes indecisive, n inquisitive too.......m a music freak ,nt rilly into  rock, & it truly depends on my mood. N yeah i love collectin quotes n even composing them on my own...... i trust people pretty easily which i feel is a bad quality of mine. am a bit too emotional nd sensitive many a times..I love adventure..I love talking& am very naughty but love being honest & strange but Itry my best to speak the truth till i don't feel like somebody will hang me up &...M blessed with the most caring wacky crazy FrIEnDs ever n I love freaking out with them.... I value friendship alot......I truly love my parents & they are my highest priority....!!!
AM discovering myself each day, a li'l more than yesterday....n rest is 4 u people2 decide!!!