5.) Pull out the winter accessories, Mufflers, scarves, jackets, stoles and pack up the summer stuff

4.) Buy steaming cups of coffe and chai and sip them in class

3.) Bunk the cold classrooms and just go soak in the sun…

2.) Eat tonnes of hot chocolate melting truffle..the calories all get hidden behind the wollens no one cares right now

1.) It’s too cold, spend the mornings in bed..(we mean till atleast 2 PM there is no reason to go anywhere)

Not too many students are aware of the fact that the Right to Information Act enables them to apply for the procedural details when it comes to their internal marks in Delhi University (DU) exams. Many a time, a confused student has been dismayed to find his/her internal marks appear at a disadvantage in the final mark sheet, the reason for which is normally withheld.

Section 4 of the Right to Information Act requires an authority to provide all the information to the public in the form of brochure so as to ensure the transparent working of the body. This has unfortunately been neglected by DU and finally paved the way for student Aditya Prasad to file an RTI application seeking information on the designated PIOs and about the non-implementation of the Section 4 in November 2007.

This was followed by the Central Information Commission (CIC) ordering DU to publish information to facilitate the process of accessing information as well as updating all of its online manuals, publishing copies for public reference and making sure that all the colleges do the same.

In reaction to CIC’s order, a DU official stated that “We do not think the information provided is incomplete. We will, however, have to update the manuals as per CIC’s order and ensure that the colleges comply as well.”

Most students, however, have a slightly different take on the issue and believe more transparency is needed in the whole evaluation process. According to III year student Swati Seth “One puts in a lot effort throughout the year for the internal assessment, it is extremely unfair when marks are deducted without any explanations offered. DU needs perhaps explain its process of reevaluation better”. This issue needs to be tackled by the authorities in question, failing which the students could try and use the powerful tool that is the Right to Information Act.


“An Act to provide for setting out the practical regime of right to information for citizens to secure access to information under the control of public authorities, in order to promote transparency and accountability in the working of every public authority…”


Right to Information empowers every citizen to seek any information from the Government, inspect any Government documents and seek certified photocopies thereof.


Any citizen can ask for information under these laws. The Act extends to the whole of India except the State of Jammu and Kashmir.

1. Inspect works, documents and records.
2. Take notes, extracts or certified copies of documents or records.
3. Take certified samples of material.
4. Obtain information in form of printouts, diskettes, floppies, tapes, video and cassettes or in any other electronic mode or through printouts.

Under Section 4(1)(d), an applicant can ask for “reasons” behind a administrative or quasi judicial decision of a public authority, especially if he is a “affected person”.


While filing an RTI application, the framing of the questions is very important. A slight misunderstanding or vague questions gives the PIO a chance to reject your application. Follow these guidelines to prevent mistakes:

The name’s Bond…James Bond. The single dialogue which made James Bond so famous. But, what if this dialogue is missing from the film? Well, that’s exactly what has happened in this latest Bond offering, Quantum of Solace. Starting from the last Bond offering i.e. Casino Royale in 2006, Barbara Broccoli has been trying hard to re-define the role of James Bond i.e change the characteristics of Bond by leaps and bounds. This ambitious change resulted in the replacement of Pierce Brosnan ,suave, sophisticated, sexy by a not so popular British actor, Danial Craig. Even though the statistics show that the film did very well but hardcore James Bond fans like me know that somehow James Bond lost its charm and that standing in the hearts of a majority of people. I feel that Brosnan was the best Bond ever. He carried forward the role from where Sean Connery had left it. Even today when we ask someone that how they like the new Bond, all they say is that he’s good but Brosnan was the best. He could have easily enacted the role in atleast 2 more films after Die Another Day.

The film continues from where Casino Royale left off with the events, which happen within an hour’s time from the previous film’s. A car chase sequence followed by an assassin attempt to kill M where one of her most trusted bodyguards betray her. In his journey he encounters Camille Montes, whose seeking revenge from her parents’ killer. Together they destroy the secret criminal organization. Locales of the film are strictly okay. Even the look and the presentation of the film hardly tell you that you are watching a Bond film. One has to really keep on reminding oneself that it’s the latest Bond. All said and done once the film ends you don’t really dislike the film, the title track of the film, Another Way to Die, performed by Jack White is nothing much to listen to.

All in all Quantum of Solace is a good second half and a boring forced action oriented first hour. In all I would also like to say that somehow now James Bond has lost that special place it enjoyed in my heart, after Die Another Day which clearly show that somehow the producers plan to re-define Bond hasn’t really paid off well.

My Rating- 3.2 / 5


Directed By- Madhur Bandarkar

Produced By- UTV Motion Pictures (Ronnie Screwvala) & Bhandarkar Entertainment

Starring- Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut, Mugdha Godse, Samir Soni

Review- Madhur Bandarkar has done it again! Continuing his theme of movies drawn from real life, Fashion incorporates all the elements of a mainstream bollywood flick without losing the realism which has been traditionally associated with art films. With each movie Bandarkar manages to dive into an alien world and teach us its nuances while keeping us thoroughly entertained. After many successful films such as Chandni Bar, Page 3 and Corporate, his latest movie Fashion is set to take the audience by storm.
As the name suggests Fashion targets the fashion industry, lending an insight into how the whole system works with all its corruption, ugliness and of course beauty. It follows the story of a small town girl (Priyanka Chopra) who comes to Mumbai to pursue her dream of becoming a supermodel. Unlike many struggling models she actually manages to rise in the industry, only to find that keeping her position on top might be harder than actually attaining it. By displaying the trials and traumas aspiring or professional models face everyday, Bandarkar intends to shed some ugly truth on the glamorous world of fashion. This is further reinforced by the guest appearances by real models, designers and actors which lend authenticity to the movie.

Excellent performances on the part of Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Renaut and the newcomer Mygdha Godse as well as the memorable music tracks makes this movie well worth the viewing

My Rating- 4 / 5 (Very Highly Recommended)

When I first came to an all girls’ college two years ago, I thought
that one of the fringe benefits would be that most of the time, we
could get dressed in the morning without keeping the male species
opinion on our clothes in perspective. We could wear baggy t-shirts
and flip flops to class without being bothered about how our hair was
looking, or whether we were wearing the ‘right’ accessories, were
sitting in the proper manner and many such liberties, if I may call
them so. After all it is human that when you are in a nice cozy rut,
you slide, fashion-wise, into comfort wear. When you know you have to
confront, convince, impress or produce you choose to dress up. It
wasn’t long before I realized that the benefits of looking
put-together extended well past not having the opposite sex around.
Even if I spend most of my day in the company of women, I still make
sure that I leave the house every morning or at least most mornings
feeling good about what I’m wearing and how I look.
Your daily wardrobe may be pretty basic, but you will feel a hundred
times better on days when you put a little effort into your look than
those you spend in sweats. I personally believe that other people will
see you in a different light altogether, when your appearance is more
carefully assembled and mature. If you are happy with how you are
presenting yourself to the world, you will feel more confident and
self-assured in all your actions throughout the day. I think that part
of growing up is recognizing that it’s far more fulfilling to dress
for yourself than to dress to impress other people, particularly men.
In the Middle East women incorporate fashion into their lives, even if
it’s hidden under a robe or only shown to other women on special
occasions. In fact many teenage girls own Western clothing that they
only wear in the privacy of their bedrooms. These women prove that
dressing up can be self-gratifying even if nobody else can see what
you are wearing. They’re literally dressing for themselves, looking in
the mirror and deriving complete satisfaction from sharing their new
look with no one else. The idea of wearing beautiful lingerie on a
daily basis also follows the same principle.
Also, when people say that women dress only for other women and not
for men, I tend to think they’re overlooking a third category – those
who dress for themselves. It is this category that has the highest
levels of confidence, satisfaction and self-esteem.
There’s no question that fashion is transformative and empowering, but
it’s interesting that the effect is still so strong even if no one
else sees what you’re wearing.
To quote a character in American Beauty, “In order to be successful, one must project an image of success at all times.”

To quote Frost ,’forgive thy lord my little jokes on thee and I will forgive thy great one on me’. Everyone needs their share of humour in life . After all it is a reminder that no matter how high the throne one sits on, one sits on ones bottom. Since time immemorial we have seen various contenders who can lay worthy claims of resting their prized posterior on this throne. Be it Charlie Chaplin’s deadpan humour, Jerry Seinfeld’s witty observations or Russel Peter’s oh-so- in -your face wit, comedy too is serious work (pun intended). Mastering the art of tickling one’s funny bone is not as easy as it may seem. DU beat takes you through the meandering forms of comedy through the ages.

The Early 20’S

Slapstick: Think slapstick and an image of an over the top Hindi movie crosses the mind. I still shudder from my experience with ‘Ugly and Pagli’. However, it is one of the earliest forms of comedy. Stemming from a time when comedy was ideal for the early silent films, it was dependent on visual action and physical humor rather than sound. Infact, the very term slapstick was taken from the wooden sticks that clowns slapped together to promote audience applause. Ugly and Pagli certainly required that and much more. However with the arrival of Charlie Chaplin on the comedy scene, masterpieces like ‘The Kid’ and ‘The Tramp’ immortalized this genre forever. With his trademark bowler hat, baggy pants, funny cane and oversized shoes, his black and white demeanor belies the unrivalled colorful wit behind this underrated genius.

Deadpan?:This form of comedy was best exemplified by the expression-less face of stoic comic hero Buster Keaton. One of the great silent clowns of the early comedic period was Buster Keaton, known for acrobatic visual gags, physical action, and for his deadpan, unsmiling, expression-less “stoneface.”

The 30s Clowns

With the coming of sound, slapstick went into a bit of a decline and the flexible freedom of the earliest comedians was curtailed. Comedy was transformed, however, and began to be refined as an art form, with new themes, elements, and written characterizations.Visual comedy remained strong throughout the 1930s, but now witty dialogue and verbal comedy were added. Some of the great comedians or teams, included Laurel and Hardy, the Three Stooges, the Marx Brothers, and Abbott.

Screwball comedy: This genre of comedy denotes lunacy, craziness, eccentricity, ridiculousness, and erratic behavior. A hilarious amalgam of farce, slapstick and witty dialogue , it often harped on frothy light hearted romantic themes with the clichéd happy ending.

The 50s and 60’s

This period witnessed an era of squeaky clean , ( yawn says Sex Amma) formulaic romantic comedies. Movies like the Father Of The Bride starring Spencer Tracy are the perfect example. The 50s also saw the rise of sitcoms and stand up comedians which subsequently dealt a blow to film comedy.

In the 60,s with the advent of the Pink Panther series, comedy reached another level. For those who have seen the 60’s panther series , may agree that they were the most brilliant of the lot ,when Peter Sellers in spite of his klutziness was not reduced to a mere buffoon

The 70s and the 80s

The 70’s ad 80’s saw the growth of a more self effacing, satirical humor in a quintessentially middle class setting, marked by Woody Allen’s hilarity and Mel Brooks comic madness. It also saw the emergence of rib tickling, side splitting spoofs. And here we were thinking MTV was being very original. So much for ‘Bechare Zameen Par’.

The 90’s turned out to be the era of widely divergent comedies with fantasy films like ‘Honey ,I Shrunk The Kids’ and fish out of water comedies like ‘My cousin, Vinny’ doing the rounds

21st Century that is the NOW

The turn of the 21st century had more raunchy( Sex Amma stirs)gross out flicks designed to appeal to both adults and teens alike eg. ‘American Pie’ or ‘There is Something About Mary.’ In today’s day and date, stand up comedy too has carved its own niche. Jerry Seinfeld, Dane Cook and more recently the ever popular Russel Peters have managed to capture a large audience with their fine sense of comic timing.

Agree or you go to jail bad boy!

Eyelids droop down. One of those ennui filled days, one of those days where I wish I were anywhere but here- trapped in this mundane-ness with a deep sense of absolutely nothing. There’s a void I can’t seem to fill. I know how to, just don’t have the means. No solution seems appropriate, exact. I have a million things to do, but can’t point at where to start.

Then it plays. I stop what I’m doing. It’s as if my body has magically transformed into a svelte, hypnotized mass of movement. The sound of the guitar transports me into a world far from the nagging voice of my surroundings.


The melody connects my soul to a world I can’t describe with words, but I have the freedom to feel it in my head. The world is red and it is raining. The only sound, is the sound of music, and there’s me. I move, move with the melody. He’s saying things I cannot comprehend but I know. I know what he means.

“Come feed the rain, ’cause I’m thirsty for your love, dancing underneath the skies of lust, please feed the rain, ’cause without you, my life is nothing but this carnival of rust”

I have the freedom. The freedom to dance, to sing, to move, to transcend into a world that seems magical and enchanting. The only image in my mind is of a body dancing, frivolously moving to the beats and engulfing the melody, the music as if it were a breath of air. Fresh air.
The body is me, I am the body. Music takes me places. I can’t seem to describe it with words. If only I could, if only I could convey what is happening to me.

Gradually, the beat reduces; the melody becomes a faint sound.
“Don’t walk away, when the word is burning.”


Without music I fall, “where enough is not the same it was before”.

With music, we have the freedom. The freedom to live, the freedom the exhibit. The freedom to express, to interpret.

We have the freedom to be.

If there is anything that’s scorching delhi’s internet cables right now its Gossip Girl! Not only is the nasty bitchyness getting under our skins, its also got its share of the slutty, the contaminated, the troubled angsty demons and the absolutely gorgeous Chase Crawford, among other things.

But that is appetite for our sensual organs. The entire blaze is about the fabulously gorgeous assortment of what can only be called Couture, which the she demons parade around in! (And the lack of the same for he demons.) Chuck Bass ofcourse, I personally wouldn’t want to see naked but I know plenty of certain somebodies who’d drool over the devil!

Here are samples of the scrumptious fashion line that flaunts it across the ramps of Bitchyland. We know you love them…XOXO

Out of the four Grand Slam Tennis Tournaments that keep us glued to our idiot boxes every year, Australian Open kick starts the tennis mania each year in mid-January. It is played at the Melbourne Park (called Flinders Park during 1980s), a new ( Rebound Ace) Hardcourt venue next to the Melbourne Cricket Ground. It’s origin can be traced to the grass courts at Kooyong in the city of Melbourne, where it was held for the first time in the year 1905 as The Australasian Championship. Top-ranked players sweat it out on the Melbourne hardcourts and compete for men’s and women’s singles competitions, men’s, women’s, and mixed doubles, and lastly, junior and master’s competitions.

If you have a complaint about your college, tell us about it…

Delhi University students are brilliant. They really are- industrious, talented, active, aware and a bunch of other such adjectives. Take a college like Sri Venkateswara for instance. Brilliant academics and equally good if not better ECA. However, the best part about students from a college like Venky is their extremely hardy nature and their ability to withstand & adapt to the toughest conditions.

Its something that the college inculcates within students. And what it takes is a combination of the highly eccentric hygiene conditions and the total lack of any medical facilities. Now, here one would beg the readers not to be appalled as it is probably a complex and well-thought out mechanism installed within the system is probably a deliberate attempt and it surely coincides with the complex college motto as it reads on the college site, Eschewing the mere acquistim of academic degrees, we try of foster the discovery of hidden potential and talents?

Though one does wonder what hidden potential can be discovered in a sick student, who has to undergo the tedious task of locating the elusive clinic in the college campus, and then finally the disillusioned and by now really sick student hobbles over to the market outside to continue a similar but hopefully more fateful search.

Take for example the case of first year English Hons. student Tanya Bose. She unsuccessfully searched the elusive clinic while at the same time braving horrible stomach pains in the form of bizarre treasure hunt. It was only when they finally went outside to the vast, sprawling Satya Niketan Market did they locate the solitary clinic that is the refuge of all such students who can’t live up to the seemingly tough demands of the esteemed institution. Somebody told me that a clinic of sorts exists somewhere near the sports room, but students are yet to see such a thing with their own eyes.

Even die-hard lovers of Venky dosas have been taken aback after looking at the picture of what seems to be a rat feeding on the leftovers on a table. (This picture that has been clicked by a first year student and can be sent to disbelieving cynics if they need to witness it). But, one must admit things are improving and there is work being done as far as hygiene is concerned. The dutiful installation of color coded dustbins has been followed up with repairs in the once disgusting loos. However, that is only a particular side of the metaphoric coin! Cleaning loos and installing dustbins though extremely essential don’t really compensate on the basic and essential need of a clinic, especially if we are expected to share our canteen with not only dogs and squirrels but also rats?

Its strange though, Venkateswara really is an outstanding institution but such incidents are not too isolated or rare? They happen all the time but nobody seems to really care.