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Global Response to Coronavirus

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Different countries have adopted an array of preventive measures to fight the novel coronavirus outbreak that had surfaced in December 2019 in China, which later spread to different parts of the world.

Many countries that have been severely affected by the coronavirus crisis have taken steps such as drastic lockdowns and strict travel restrictions. Citizens were ordered to stay inside and popular tourist spots such as Rome now seem deserted. Berlin and New York have set a limit for public gatherings, which is 50 people, to fend off the virus. A similar limit of 20 people has been imposed in New Delhi.

Italy’s government has ordered shutdowns across the country after the confirmed cases surpass 41,000. The UK government has been reluctant in adopting such strict measures, and schools, restaurants, and pubs are still open in London. Sports events such as Bundesliga have been shut down until further notice. 

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has travelled to more than 165 countries including India. The efforts of the Indian government in curbing the pandemic from spreading have been applauded worldwide. Schools, colleges, and movie theatres have been shut down across the country. Citizens have been advised to self-quarantine at home. All passengers returning to India from international flights were screened to check for possible symptoms of the virus. Everyone has been advised to follow social distancing, which drastically reduces the chances of the virus spreading further. 

All universities across India have been closed due to the coronavirus crisis. Teachers of Delhi University are permitted to work from home alongside which online classes for students are also being conducted. Study material is provided to students on a weekly basis, and the varsity has been shut till 31st March 2020. Students were also asked to vacate the campus, and many PGs adopted the same measure and asked students to leave at the earliest. Tejasvi, a student of Lady Shri Ram College opined: “The pandemic will be more widespread if necessary measures are not taken now, and at a personal level, all w can do is practice social distancing and washing our hands after returning home.” 

Feature image credits- NBC News

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