Friend Kills DU Student Who Harassed Niece

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The gruesome tale of the murder of a student of Delhi University (DU). Read more to find out.

Dhirendra Charan, a resident of Faridabad City was arrested by Faridabad Police on Monday. This arrest was related to the murder of Sandeep Vaishnav, a 25-year student, studying in School of Open Learning, Delhi University.

According to the police, Dhirendra had killed Sandeep after he found out that his niece was being harassed by Sandeep. Hence, with a feeling of vengeance, the accused invited the victim for some drinks and later killed him. Sandeep’s parents had also told the police that he had informed them about his meeting with Dhirendra before leaving. The body was spotted by some locals near an old factory at IMT Industrial Area in Faridabad.

In his confession, Dhirendra pleaded guilty and stated that after some drinks in his Santro car, he hit Dhirendra on his head with a baton, thus, knocking him unconscious. Following this, Dhirendra ran over the body with his car and then dumped the dead body near an old factory. The police under the command of CIA DLF Inspector Sajiv, nabbed the accused from Sahupura which is around 17 kilometres from the site of the murder. Dhirendra had fled to Sahupura after he killed Sandeep. When the police caught him, the accused was under the influence of alcohol.

The Faridabad Police was able to catch the accused within six hours after the body was spotted. The police have stated that Dhirendra has been charged with the appropriate IPC Sections for murder and further investigation is underway. Sandeep used to live with his parents in Faridabad.

Featured Image Credits: Hindustan Times

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