Of Seniors and Societies: With Great Power, Comes Greater Respect for Juniors

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Whether you are a fresher who just got into a college society, or a second or third-year who got promoted, read on to understand what kind of a relationship you should share with your fellow members.
The University of Delhi (DU), while being eminent in terms of education, is also recognised as an institution which aids the overall personality progression of a student because of the numerous extra-curricular activities it provides. It would be safe to say that not many colleges or universities take as much pride in their societies as DU does. But along the same lines, runs a parallel that might not be so luminous.
Because of the immensity of the work, the countless hours of practice, the sword of Damocles constantly hanging over the members’ heads to live up to the legacy that their seniors had left them with, it is not difficult to slip into this looking-down on juniors who never seem to know what they should do.
The true judge of an office-bearer’s character is how well they tackle these blunders of the juniors, because, in their defence, they have never been in a similar situation before, and need constant assistance till they reach a point where they can handle the work themselves. Conflicts are bound to happen, but it is how well these are tackled that determines the future of the society.
A lot of time is spent doing society work, and it becomes an increasingly toxic space for the juniors if they feel they are not being respected enough, and are treated as if it were sheer privilege, and not their merit that they were made a part of the society. But in reality, these students have had to clear several rounds of auditions, and were selected amongst a large pool of applicants, thereby confirming their excellence.
It is essential for the juniors to know that their seniors deserve respect, not because of their seniority, but because that is basic civil behavior. At the same time, they must not forget that they, too, are supposed to be on the receiving end of such civility.

Feature Image Credits: DU Beat

Maumil Mehraj
[email protected]

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