Bazinga: Business Mathematics Paper Preponed Due to 2019 Election Results

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In a shocking move, the varsity has decided to prepone the Business Mathematics Exam from 23rd May 2019 to 22nd May 2019 in lieu of impending election results.
On 20th May 2019, the varsity released a statement on the University website which stated that the Business Mathematics Core Paper for 4th Semester students of B.Com (Hons) has been preponed due to the highly anticipated General Election Results. As stated in a press release, “The decision has been made for the welfare of the students undertaking the examination to avoid unforeseen political disruption of any kind.”
When contacted Professor Vinay Mehra, Dean of Examinations of the University of Delhi (DU), he said, “This decision has been taken considering the political undercurrents of the Elections and different parties contending for Delhi University Students’ Council (DUSU). Election Results might lead to disruptions in examination centres and for the safety of the students this decision is significant.”
On the other hand, the students of various colleges are unhappy with this decision. As stated by a student, who requested to stay anonymous, “End moment changes in the examination schedule are unforgiveable. They disrupt our schedules. Election results are very important and they could have incorporated this in the schedule beforehand, making changes now doesn’t make any sense.”

Another student who couldn’t go back to her hometown to cast her vote due to exams also seemed very unhappy with this decision. She commented, “The election dates were out long ago, the exams should have been scheduled in a way that doesn’t affect voting, but still many students like me couldn’t go back to cast our votes. Now, they are making these last minute changes.”
Student Unions of different colleges appreciated the efforts of the University but also acknowledged the repercussions that come along with this decision. The President of Student Union of Hansraj College said, “The rescheduling of any exam would bring a lot of difficulty for the venues to handle. Since the number of students giving the exam on 23rd May have increased we have to rearrange the classrooms and faculty duties. It will be a lot of work.”

Rajib Ray, President of the Delhi University Teachers’ Association commented that he is very disappointed with the varsity for taking such a decision. “Preponing the examination will cause change in the duties of teachers and cause them immense inconvenience. It also disrupts the students’ schedules.”

The updated schedule has also been uploaded on the website along with the press release.

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Feature Image Credits: Mumbai Live
Sakshi Arora
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