Bazinga: Delhi University to Organize a Combined Diwali Mela

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Choosing which college to go to for the Diwali Mela has gotten a ton easier! Delhi University is all set to organize a combined Diwali Mela for all colleges!

The Diwali Mela is the most cherished activity in the DU circuit around the type of the festival of lights. Every college conducts its own Diwali Mela, however, this year the University has declared that it plans to hold a combined Diwali Mela for all the colleges.

The statement was issued on 22nd October 2018, wherein provisions are being made to ensure that the Diwali Mela is conducted as a whole or a combined event for all the colleges associated with the varsity. The initial outlay determined how big arenas like Pragati Maidan or Jawahar Lal Nehru stadium stand as good venue options giving ample amounts of space to accommodate all the colleges.
The reason behind this is to ensure uniformity and discipline in the way these events are run. A messy traffic situation develops outside every college, during Diwali Mela season, causing hindrance to the street activity, especially for the centrally located colleges. Previous years have seen huge breakouts in term of crowd, leading to Delhi Police being asked for help to maintain the decorum.
The plan is set to be put into action for the next Diwali Mela, i.e. 2019, spanning two days. All colleges are invited to participate in it. The Students’ Union committees of the colleges would have to apply to the newly set up University Events Organizing Committee (UEOC). Reena Mehta, an Economics Professor at Hansraj College has been appointed as the head of the committee. She was quoted by DU Beat as saying, “All colleges need to provide information about the products they will be showcasing
and the number of stalls they would be requiring. This information should be communicated one month prior to the decision date of the Mela.”
An Organising Committee will be formed consisting of selected students from DU Colleges. The OC participants will be issued certificates acknowledging their efforts to organize the event. The music societies will orchestrate a concert to demarcate the end of the day through complied performances and the photography societies will document the
Rihana Mishra, a second year student of LSR, says, “Even though many students will go against this decision as the colleges would wish to keep it at their own individual level, when seen from a bigger perspective, it is a good way to assemble the best of DU under one roof, hustle free!”

So what are your views regarding this latest decision? Let us know!

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