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Maitreyi College to Get a New Building Block by Next Semester

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Due to the extreme inconvenience faced by students and teachers alike, the Maitreyi College administration has constructed a four-storied block which will be functional by the end of this semester/ early next semester.

Maitreyi College may have won the “best garden of DU Award,” but the picturesque college has been suffering from an acute shortage of classrooms. There are 17 undergraduate and two postgraduate courses of Arts, Science, and Commerce being taught here. Naturally, this means that the number of students enrolled in the college is high, and the infrastructure isn’t sufficient to accommodate them.

The timetables given to students of Maitreyi College are scattered, owing to the inability of the administration to provide them with a place to study. In some instances, the students have to wait for as many as five hours between two classes. This often leads to a sense of disinterest among students and they end up skipping the last lecture, as opposed to waiting for five hours in the campus.

To add to the problems, the classrooms allotted are different for each subject and after every period the entire roll of students has to shift to another room. In doing this exercise, 15 minutes of study are lost from a one hour lecture, ultimately leading to a loss in the syllabus coverage.

The students are of the opinion that there should be permanent classrooms assigned to all the departments.

The college has bamboo rooms, which are individual rooms built outside the main buildings, and they usually serve as places where the general electives and the tutorials are conducted. But the occupancy of these huts depends on the first-come, first-served basis, which often leads to uncertainty and chaos.
The only department rooms that Maitreyi College has are very few in number, and less than 10×10 feet in area. This space crunch doesn’t allow more than 10 students to be present there at one time without being immensely uncomfortable. “Imagine a class of 46 students having their tutorial in a tiny department room. I am sure none of us would want that,” says Deepika, a student of Maitreyi College.
Besides, it has come to light that the students who take lectures in Hindi lag behind in their syllabus because the frequency of their classes is often compromised to accommodate their English-medium counterparts. This assertion, however, remains largely unverified.
Taking into account this troubling lack of classrooms, the administration started the construction of a new, four-storied block about a year and a half ago. It is built right next to the basketball court and shares proximity with the library block. This new building is expected to function by the end of this semester and should put an end to many, if not all, problems that the college faces. The said building is currently out of bounds for students which leaves little scope for exploring, but judging by the dimensions its capacity looks sufficient.
Other than the new block, the college hostel is also being built in proximity to the campus. It is estimated to be ready in about a year’s time. The administration wasn’t available to comment on the matter, however, the staff seems pleased with the new block of Maitreyi College is expected to put an end to the shortage of rooms developments.


Feature Image Credits: Maitreyi College

Maumil Mehraj
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