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What the Mid-Semester Break Means to Outstation Students

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Mid-semester break basically means a little escape from our ‘adulting’ responsibilities, a trip home, and catching up with academics. It is a short relief from the hectic college life and a welcome return to our homes.

Here is what mid-semester break means to outstation students:

Sudden and constant pampering

During this short trip back home, your family wants to make the most of whatever little time you have with them. Living away from your parents is deemed cool, but nothing substitutes the love they shower upon you. Consequently, this tiny set of holidays turns out to be the time when you have the spotlight at home. Everything happens for you and according to you. Your parents barely leave your side, food gets cooked according to your preferences, and you get to change the channels at home. At the same time, you try to be around your parents as much as you can, get all the love and care from them, and let them know how much you have missed them. Hence, the mid-semester break is often times, highly emotional.

Catching up with old buddies

You left your school, house, city, and a host of different memories to come to the big city and chase your dreams in college. But most importantly, you left your friends behind. These first friendships are special simply by virtue that they are the oldest and stood the  test of time. College can make you feel like life is going a bit too fast, but the mid-semester break and catching up with friends does help reduce the pace.  They, besides your family, seem to add meaning to your connection with your own home town. A simple lunch or catch-up with your old pals at your favourite local hang out spot coupled with heart to heart talks about each other’s new lives not only makes new memories but also allows you to relive the old ones.

Bidding adieu to budget blues

Going home basically means an end to all your money problems. You no longer have a budget to live by. Being home means you have your family to take care of you and they usually don’t say no because they want you to be happy around them. It also means no more bad, bland, tasteless food since your mother puts her heart and soul in all the dishes she has made because she can see how “Delhi is not suiting you,” and how “you are losing weight!”

Hello, Privacy!

Be it a hostel or a paying guest accommodation, one thing that makes life difficult is that you are living in an overcrowded place, sharing your room and washroom with at least three other people. It is a constant struggle accommodating everyone and having your private space respected. But all these troubles come to a standstill in the break. During the mid-semester break, you can go home, stay in your own room, sleep on your own bed, adjust the room temperature according to your will, and have the washroom all to yourself. After all, there is no place like home anywhere else in this world.

But the mid semester break is like a sweet dream. It seemingly gets over as soon as it starts. It is advisable not to get used to these benefits too fast and too soon. So enjoy the little time you have, go ahead, let your family spoil you, catch up with old friends, and enjoy your time at home.


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