Delhi University Student Jumps Out of Moving Bus to Escape Molesters

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In another dismal case of harassment, a 19-year-old Delhi University student jumped out of a DTC bus to escape her molesters after months of continued abuse. Police takes notice after the victim’s sister shared the ordeal in a series of tweets.

A 19-year-old University of Delhi student jumped out of a moving bus in an unsurprising reminder of our failure as a society to secure safety for women. The details of the case were shared by the victim’s sister in a series of tweets.  In South Delhi’s South Extension area, the victim was been molested for more than three months by the same group of men. The girl faced molestation seven times in the three months of reported abuse, every day, en route to her college.

The victim’s sister shared the ordeal in detail, in a series of tweets. “This group of men use to travel on bus route number 544 and repeatedly harass her and other women going to colleges. Once she raised an alarm and got one of the men thrown out of the bus, but he was back again the next day,” she claimed. She also mentioned that the victim was forced to miss her classes to avoid travelling on that route. “The men specifically travel on this route as many students use it to go to their colleges. Recently one of the men told my sister that he knows which college she studies in. Threatened, she jumped out of the moving bus in order to avoid that man,” the victim’s sister stated.

Taking note of the viral tweets on social media, south Delhi DCP Vijay Kumar asked for further details on the matter. Further investigations have been ordered. Senior cops said that a case would be registered accordingly, and officers in plain clothes will be deployed on buses plying on that route to identify the suspects and catch them off-guard.

It is not uncommon for us to hear these incidents every now and then. This is probably why the prospect of women’s safety was heightened in the recent DUSU election manifestos of all political parties. However, it takes a strong initiative to deal with the reality of the situation. As much as we need equal opportunities for women, we also need to ensure their sustenance to reach their full potential. The first step in this context is to strengthen the legal punishment meted out to such molesters.

Feature Image Credits: Deccan Chronicle

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