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College Societies and New Students

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This article focuses on how the society culture of colleges affects the newly admitted students and what they teach them since many come with a dream of joining one.

Societies are the most fun part of college. So much so that many colleges are primarily known for their societies and the students they have produced. For the students who have just stepped out of school and are entering into the realm of college life, societies are a way of making contacts with senior students and learning things that interest them.

A society in college is not just a mere group of people who share a similar interest towards something and put their efforts into winning all the events that come along, but a family. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that most people prioritise society work over classes and assignments. Getting into a society also helps in building up a social life, especially for newbies.

A college in the University of Delhi is known not just because the students taking admission scored the desired percentage as required by the cut-off but also because of the ‘society culture’ there. One might hear Alahyaa doing their morning routine in Daulat Ram College or one might witness a practice session of Shunya in Ramjas College. Societies never fail to amaze the new students, the very reason why there is a huge line to audition to get into some of them.

Likewise, the society culture helps student look at things from a new and different perspective. One looks up to the seniors in college as he/she manages the work and organizes the fests. One tends to admire instantly the president of a debating society when he/she comes up to speak. There is therefore, a lot to learn from the societies. The most important of all learnings being, teamwork.

Isn’t it absolutely amazing to see how the seniors of your society manage every single thing on their own? As first-year students, we are immediately drawn towards them and admire their art of handling things so well. We learn to voice out our opinion and at the same time listen to what others have to say. We learn management and we learn hard work. We learn to keep our calm when inviting and calling people to our events and we learn to be patient with them all. We learn that our strategies won’t work every time and that a little failure will come sometimes with huge successes and that it is okay.

Image Credits: DU Beat

Akshada Shrotryia

[email protected]

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