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5 Things to Remember When Life Knocks You Down

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It is on multiple occasions that life knocks you down and all you can do is lie in a pool of tears till you muster enough strength to get back up. It is easy to feel that life is miserable and that you’re never getting over this, however, some reminders can make it seem easier and less dramatic.

1. You aren’t alone

I need you to remember that you are just one amongst many people that life has knocked down. In fact, all the people in the world have felt the way you are feeling right now. However, some of them have reached the pinnacles of happiness and others are going down the lane of depression. I need you to go and study the struggle stories of successful people, right after you are done reading this. And, I need you to follow that path. Don’t tell yourself you can’t do it. They have been exactly where you are and they did it. So can you.

2. You have a Purpose

When you are down on the floor, gasping for breath, you will find a reason to get back up when you find a purpose. Do not be intimidated by that term. A purpose can be one for life or one for the day. The important bit is to find it. Do not overthink. Go out there and explore. To find your purpose is not to think about it for a day or month. It can be taking care of your dog, running a blog, spreading smiles, or doing whatever makes you happy. Just create your purpose and let it become your drive!

3. You are lucky

Now, this might be the most ridiculous thing that can be said to a struggling person. But it really is true. Imagine not struggling at all. That’s what you want, right? Or imagine struggling only as much as you can “take it”. Now, imagine the entire world being able to talk about, relate to, and be concerned about the issues of unbearable struggle. And you, just not being able to figure out what they are saying because you haven’t struggled enough.
You would lose touch with reality and humanity. You would desperately want to feel what all the other humans are able to feel. Whatever you are struggling with right now is going to make you a stronger person, no matter what. You may temporarily feel weak, but you’ll emerge a stronger person. In all success stories, you’ll find one thing in common: struggle. So hey, that’s one checkbox ticked on your path to success!

4. You have a Savior 

And that person is not your best friend, your parent, or your therapist. No, no, not your God either. Your savior is you.
Do not underestimate the effect you have on yourself! It is eventually you who decides what to take in and what not to. The decision may be conscious or unconscious, but it is yours! You are your own savior because you are with yourself all the time. You are your own savior because no one can step into your mind except you. You are your savior because eventually, the person who you have to spend your every second, entire life with is you. You are your biggest influence. And if you feel your savior is not doing a very good job, maybe it is time to change for the sake of yourself.

5. It is not that serious

In spite of everything that happens in life, life goes on. It is our mind which creates the entire aura of seriousness around a situation most of the time when it did not exist in the first place. Most of the time, the situation ceases to remain serious when it becomes the past. You can laugh at the most ‘serious’ situations in life afterward. And even if what you are going through is very grave, five years from now, it won’t hurt that much. Do not get me wrong. I am not saying your situation isn’t dire. All I want to say is, don’t equate your life to your struggles. You are more than that.


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Khyati Sanger
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