Button Mushrooms Releases Kachi Gali – Rang Desh Ke

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Button Mushrooms, an initiative by Delhi University Graduates released ‘Kachi Gali – Rang Desh Ke’, a slum redesigning event on the 17th and 18th of March. The event followed a motive to beautify a slum in Delhi, Sanjay Camp with paintings and murals to make it Delhi’s first artistic slum.

Kachi Gali, entirely sponsored by Shalimar Paints, was an attempt of the students and graduates of Delhi University to use their talent and passion to bring a change in the society. The event focused on merging the talent of the modern youth with the challenges of the country.

Kachi Gali, wholly a student initiative, aspired to use art as a catalyst of change. The event saw a participation of about 400 people and had been taken up in collaboration with more than 20 art societies and social service societies of Delhi University. The event, successfully covered about 700 houses, a school and 950 walls along with painting about 200 graffitis and paintings on the walls. The cause found its place in the hearts of the people who came forward to fill colours in their own lives with the help of young noble hearts.

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