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My Experience of Tutoring Young Students

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After school, university is the place where you learn to be independent and responsible. Many of us took the decision to stay away from home and begin our academic careers at a far-off place. At every step of this journey, there will be loads of opportunities and experiences of both good and bad forms, and it would be up to you how you determine to manage them.

There are many ways for parents to manage the issue of pocket money, but first, you will need a good idea of what it costs to be a teenage student. The contemporary family is described increasingly in ‘democratic’ terms of individuals’ ‘rights’, ‘choices’, and ‘discussion’ where parent-child relationships are being renegotiated – especially those involving teenagers. At an age when it is important for students to learn the significance of saving money, parents with their perpetual hesitance don’t make their kids value hard-earned money. In the Indian scenario, parents do not feel the necessity for their kids to earn their own money even in the late teenage years. It must not only be left to the impoverished and hard-hit students’ to have a part-time job in the student years, but it should be a step for self-dependence from an early age.

After I shifted to Delhi, a senior of mine informed me about home tutoring young students of the locality. When she was in college, she used to tutor kids of fifth to eighth class. I would definitely credit her for inculcating the seeds of self-dependence in me. I started home tutoring young students via an agency that worked towards connecting students who are searching for tutors and people who are willing to tutor. It might not always be financial issues that instigate the realms of part-time jobs, but they can also be a source of independence and responsible behaviour. From my very first class till date, I have had innumerable experiences, both good and bad. I realised the value of small things in life that didn’t make sense to me earlier. When I stepped into the shoes of a teacher, I realised how important it is to have a curious student who wants to know more about the subject. I learned the basic conducts that a teacher expects from a student: attention and respect. I was ecstatic when I heard my first student call me “ma’am”, and glad to know that I became her favourite teacher. “Knowledge is a treasure, practice is the key to it” – I believe in this, and in “Expanding the bounties of knowledge.” I learned that teachers too have a lot to learn from their students, and maintaining a healthy relationship is a key aspect of education. Besides, in our student life, if we are practicing what we had learned in our yesteryears, it would prove to be very encouraging for our future competitive exams.

I would suggest you to open your door to endless possibilities of self-dependence, second to which the storehouse of experiences is that prepare you for adulthood.


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