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The Dynamic Nature of Holidays

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As we end this holiday season, our reverence level for holidays reaches its zenith. What is it about these cherished days that we can never seem to let go of them? Exploring the dynamics and understanding the nitty-gritties of this short period, we learn that its significance is ever-changing.

Holidays is that extended period of leisure and recreation where we break apart from the shackles of our monotonous routines, which had been throttling our freedom for a long while.  At different times of the year, holidays hold different significance for different people of myriad age groups. Invariably, irrespective of their background and age group, people wait for holidays with utmost eagerness.

Remember the time when we were tiny tots? Holidays were perceived differently then than we perceive them to be now. During those days, holidays meant an escape from all the horrors of school and a temporary respite from waking up early in the mornings.

For a high school student, holidays were not just about fun, but also about the subtle responsibility of doing holiday homework and studying simultaneously. The holiday season during that time was generally a recreation trip with one’s family. It suffices to say that holidays back then had a completely different essence, with us wishing for holidays to never end.

When we enter college, this scenario revolving around holidays changes in the very least. The need and desire for holidays shoots up skyrocketing, just like it did when we were school students. However, where it changes is that in college, students extensively use holidays for interning and learning new skills. This short break is also used as a means to recuperate from the everyday tiring college schedules. During college, a student spends a major amount time to augment his/her skills and to enrich the CV. Also, a lot of outstation students get a chance to go back to their hometown and get rejuvenated before the subsequent term of college begins. Holidays for them means connecting with family, rekindling the bond with friends, and meeting relatives. It would be an understatement to say that holidays play a highly significant and crucial role in a college student’s life.

As we grow older, this  essence of holidays gets remodelled in accordance with the stage of life we are currently experiencing, as not many holidays are available in the successive stages of life.  Understandably, when we are informed about any kind of a holiday, it becomes a matter of celebration. Some sleep in the entirety of their holidays to compensate for the loss of sleep, while the others make plans to travel.

Although the essence and dynamics of holidays keep changing, the need for holidays is imperative for each and every age group irrespective of one’s background. It’s important to cherish that small break by making up for the lack of sleep while simultaneously extracting the best from it while we can.

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