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Delhi School of Journalism begins its classes, VC says the centre will become better than Columbia School of Journalism

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The Delhi School of Journalism (DSJ) kicked off its journey with an orientation programme in seminar hall of Cluster Innovation Centre on 26th September. The event which marked the beginning of DSJ saw Prof. Yogesh Tyagi, Vice-Chancellor of the University; Prof. Devesh Kumar Sinha, Dean of Colleges; Prof J.P Dubey, Dean of Faculty of Social Science as the guests of the occasion.
The celebration began with a customary welcome song which was followed by the ceremonial lighting of the lamp. Dr.Manaswani Tyagi, Officer on Special Duty (OSD) of DSJ paid her tributes to the Chairman of Syllabus Committee, Dr Savita Dutta. This was followed by the address of Prof. J.P Dubey who said, “Resources and the potential available in and around Delhi will be sufficient to nourish the students” and encouraged students to work hard and reach the zenith of their careers. His address was followed by the address of Prof. Devesh Sinha who in his speech urged students to put efforts to achieve their goals. Stating a popular Sanskrit quote he said, “No deer enters the mouth of the Lion who is sleeping”.

This was followed by a speech by Prof. Tarun Das, the registrar of the University who congratulated and welcomed the students and parents to the University of Delhi. Highlighting the auspiciousness of the occasion, he said that it is a holy coincidence that the opening of the occasion is on the same day as Durgasthami.
This was followed by an address of Dr M.K. Pandit, the chairman of the admissions committee who spoke about the  power of the pen and said, “ I wish that students at DSJ write stories that would inspire generations to come.”

This was followed by the much awaited inaugural lecture by Prof. Yogesh Tyagi who started his lecture by paying homage to Dr Savita Dutta.  He said, “ Students sitting here today are making history”. Speaking about his dream project he said that he believes that the new school is going to revolutionize the education of Journalism in the country. ” I want the Delhi School of Journalism to become even a better centre than the famous Columbia School of Journalism” and urged the students to resolute to be best human beings and the best journalists in the world.

The program drew its curtain with everyone singing the National Anthem and distribution of refreshment packets later.

Image Credits: Sandeep Samal and Srivedant Kar for DU Beat
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