Admissions 2017

Delhi University fills up 57 per cent of its seats in Undergraduate courses

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With the admission season well underway and the University of Delhi (DU) having released its third cut-off list for undergraduate courses, it has now been confirmed by the Admissions Committee that more than half of its seats are already full. “Over 30,00 out of around 52,000 seats in various DU colleges have already been filled, along with payment of fees,” confirmed Professor Maharaj K. Pandit, the Chairman of DU’s Admissions Committee.  The university has yet to release the fourth and fifth cut-off lists, which are expected to be released on 13th July and 18th July, 2017, respectively.

That within a span of three cut-off lists in a mere fortnight, more than half of the seats should have been filled up, only attests to the university’s ever-growing popularity among students. B.A. (Hons.) English and Economics remain the most sought-after courses. DU clearly is very much a top choice for aspiring undergraduates, as the statistics reveal that several colleges such as Lady Shri Ram (LSR) and Hindu College have already closed the admissions to some of the courses. This year, a marginal dip was recorded in the cut-offs. Yet, the highest percentage, as per the latest and third cut-off issued by DU, remains 98 per cent for B.A. (Hons.) in Psychology in LSR College. By the fifth cut-off, almost all seats are expected to be filled up. As it turns out, the sky-high percentage and quickly disappearing seats which make DU one of the most viable and prestigious education institutions of the country, also make it the hardest to gain entry into. The admission season, so far, has been anything but a smooth-sailing for both the university and the parents and students. But with more and more seats being grabbed and choices in terms of the courses narrowing down, if there were ever a time to hurry in order to make it to DU, it would be now.

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Deepannita Misra

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