Department of Computer Science, Shivaji College hosts Techelons’17

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Techelons– the Annual Cultural Festival of Department of Computer Science, Shivaji College was organised on 30th and 31st March 2017. Mr Anuj Agarwal, Chairman, Centre for Research on Cyber Crime and Cyber Law delivered the inaugural address. The festival flagged off with Logics, Turncoat, Lan Gaming.


The second day saw various colleges competing for events such as Code Cracker, Play with SQL, What zipper and Brain Twister-IT Quiz.  Students from  DUCS, SGTB Khalsa College, Ramjas, Bhaskarcharya College of Applied Sciences, Vivekananda College, BVICAM, Satyawati College,  IITM etc participated with great enthusiasm and zeal. The department congratulated the students for their contribution in making the festival a  success.

Winners of events


Code Cracker

Ist Prize – Gaurav Narang, Jayant Lal Mahawar from DUCS

2nd Prize- Gaurav Sehrawat, Gaurav Arora from DUCS

Play with SQL

1st Prize: Rajat Tyagi from SGTB Khalsa College

2nd Prize: Gaurav Narang from DUCS

IT Quiz

Ist Prize: Prince Soni, Himanshu Zelaya from Shivaji College

2nd Prize: Shivam, Chirag Malhotra from GB Pant Engineering College


1st Prize: Gaurav Narang DUCS

2nd Prize: Gaurav Arora from DUCS


1st Prize: Harshita Rastogi from Vivekananda College

2nd Prize: Suraj Sharma from Shivaji College

LAN Gaming


1st Prize: Bipin Kumar, Nishant Kumar, Rahul Kumar Tomar, Prateek from BVICAM, Satyawati and Shivaji College

2nd Prize: Ankit, Vikas, Jatin, Yash from Shivaji College


1st Prize: Ankit Kumar from Shivaji College

-The Techelons team



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