The Spring 2017 Style Guide

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With the onset of spring, comes the dilemma of deciding what to wear. And with stores flooding with garments for the season, picking the right one for the right occasion according to the breezy, pleasant weather makes the head spin! But fret not – here’s our guide to making your spring festivities all the more classy, fun and easy.


  1. Don’t let the dark rule!

Winters have been our dark times (not too literally, though!) and after months of packing the wardrobe with dark tones, like greys and browns, it’s time to push them aside to let in the brightness of this season. Pick up garments with brighter basic colours like ivory and lime yellow or pastels like lilac or peach. Or, pep up your look with colourful and bright accessories in single or multi colours.

  1. Ditch the denims

Denims have been our loyal mates who work the year round to make our life easy and comfy, but it is time to ditch the thick fabric for more comfortable and breathable stuff. Pick up some vibrant bottoms instead of the basic blue denims, and team them up with your favourite dark or bright shades (because we know that you can’t get enough of the black)!

  1. Let the bold prints out

Welcome the season with bold prints and show off a bold style statement, or try patterned prints over solid pastel colours, but make sure to wear those that complement your individual style statement. The best part about wearing prints is that they are apt for all occasions, casual or formal. All that needs to be taken care of is the fabric used, as different fabrics allow the print to make different statements.

  1. Keep it experimental yet easy

The most crucial part of the styling journey is keeping it easy. While carrying any outfit, what matters the most is that how confidently one does it, and this is possible only by picking garments that keep you easy and comfortable. However flooded the stores may be with bohemian clothing, pick only those that wouldn’t feel even the least bit uncomfortable. But this mustn’t stop you from being experimental this spring! Experiment with colours, with footwears, bags or accessories, or try different hairdos while ditching your regular go-to options.


Here’s the style guide for this spring, so that you break away from the cozy warm winter clothing with a punch of hue and brightness.


Priyal Mahtta

[email protected]


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