The Tale of the Society, the Academics and the Fest Season

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The New Year is always a special time for Delhi University as it brings with it the most awaited fest season! For the first three months of the year, colleges across Delhi University host their grand annual fests with pomp and celebration. A regular student of DU would tell you that fest season is all about attending competitions, star nights, partying at DJ Nights and eating to their heart’s content. However, for many amongst the DU student community, fest season is a time for competitions and hard work. Yes, these students are the ones who are members of their college dance, music and theatre societies, and for them, Fest Season is the most hectic time of the year.

It is understood by everyone that the ‘even semester’ is the most important academic semester, due to which students are forced to create a balance between their academic commitments and fest season celebration. However, for the ones involved in rigorous performance societies, they are bound to create a balance between academics, performances and practices. Fest Season brings with it a variety of inter-college competitions and these societies work relentlessly towards victory. So for all you society members struggling to manage your time, here are 5 tips which could be of some help! :

  1. Attend as many classes you can: With back to back fests and practices in your daily schedule, if there is any space wherein you can accommodate attending that one lecture, then go for it! Since this semester is going to be hard on your attendance records, try to get in as much attendance as you can so that getting your admit card becomes an easier task.


  1. Get some rest to avoid a breakdown! : Burdening yourself with work from all ends will lead to an inevitable break down. Try  to get some rest, especially in the form of sleep. Your body needs to relax in order to give you its best results.


  1. Stay full and stay hydrated: The importance of food and water in busy times cannot be emphasized enough. So remember to stay fuelled up with enough food and water for a great performance.


  1. Stay in touch with those friends of yours who attend classes regularly: Considering you are not able to attend classes frequently, stay in touch with those friends of yours who are regularly in class and can help you gather notes and a knowledge base for times after the end of fest season and approach of exams.


  1. Don’t compromise on your study ethic: This one is a tough act but one should always try to keep their study ethic. Even though you may not be able to attend classes, but try to get your assignments in place from time to time so that your work-life balance in maintained.


Last but not the least, have fun to the fullest in the fest season! This is a time which you will never get back and will be cherished in your memories forever. Best of luck to all of you and may the odds be ever in your favour!

– Joyee Bhattacharya

([email protected])

Picture Credits- Bayside Journal

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