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DU Girls’ Colleges ban Misogynist Singers

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As the country collectively boils over Bangalore’s New Year Mass molestation case, the girls’ colleges of Delhi University have collectively undertaken the decision to ban all singers and rappers with sexist and misogynist lyrics in their songs.
“We have never considered these mainstream Punjabi singers to perform in our fests. A big reason behind that are their highly sexist and offensive lyrics. Miranda House as an institution stands for feminism and to endorse these singers means going against something we stand for.” said Shalu Chattha, President of Student Union, Miranda House.
“I don’t agree with this ban on Punjabi singers in girls’ colleges. But they may have a different perspective and our college has a different perspective on calling these artists,” said Kuldeep Agnihotri, Join Secretary of Student Union, Aurobindo College, DU.

Recently, Sona Mohapatra had slammed IIT- Bombay in a Facebook post for being sexist as organisers refused to let her perform without a male co-artist in their annual cultural festival, Mood Indigo.

The common sentiment of shunning offensive lyrics that go on to become a part of pop-culture is echoed among many girls’ colleges across Delhi University. With the rise in cases of molestation, rapes and eve teasing around the nation, it is essential to take actions that will help in limiting and ultimately curbing misogyny in mass culture.
While the step is welcome, it raises other questions. These same colleges use the same songs in other events. Popular songs are also used by dance societies as performance tracks. Events like fresher and farewell parties also include playing such songs.
How far does the step of banning artists go when these same songs are played for other purposes?
While that may be a relevant question, the step can be seen as a beginning of a change and is welcomed by many.

DU Beat also tried getting in touch with LSR- often touted as the poster college for feminism in Delhi University. The Student Union President wasn’t keen on giving any answers. On being asked to give a generic non-political statement on the promise of anonymity, the president was silent and resisted commenting on the same.

Feature Image Credits- Paurush Bhardwaj for DU Beat

Akshara Srivastava
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