BAZINGA: Delhi University Announces Major Changes to take place in this year’s Semester Examinations

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Delhi University has recently announced drastic changes in the semester examination system that will surely receive mixed reviews. From the exams of November-December 2016, the entire examination process is to be completely computerised.

After having received complaints against the dearth of infrastructure in the preceding exam seasons, Delhi University now wants to show its superiority in the technological levels. From henceforth, students from all courses have to attempt their examinations on computers. The computers, which will be provided by the university to each college, will be fitted in the allotted rooms prior to the examinations.

Through this move, DU seeks to improve its tarnished infrastructural image, with students in some colleges having to attempt their papers on college lawns and corridors in previous years’ examinations.

Even more surprising and probably welcome announcement is the fact that from the examinations of April-May 2017, marks based on attendance are not to be taken into account. While internals will account for 20 marks, the examinations will be of 80 marks. This move has come as a result of constant criticism from students and teachers alike against a system which coerces students to attend lectures and constricts external avenues of learning outside of class.

The students seem to be quite jubilant at the new move. Manish Tripathy, a student of Ramlal Anand College says, “Finally DU is living up to its name! It has always been an over-rated institution otherwise.” Another student Ana Hazar adds, “I am so glad that I don’t have to drag myself to lectures that I’m not interested in anymore. I can use that time to explore my passions elsewhere. There is so much scope of learning outside of classrooms, which is otherwise underrated.”

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Swareena Gurung
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