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While most of us may have learnt about series and parallel circuits back in school, if we were given a light bulb and an electrical kit, in all likelihood we would have been a wee bit flustered. This is the example that Omar Ghufran, one of the founding members of ScrapLabs, uses to illustrate the significance of the work that the organisation does.


At a time when learning in school is largely theoretical and practical aspects are merely touched upon in passing, ScrapLabs steps in to add some fun to science. The classes that the start-up conducts in over 40 schools across the city encourage students to innovate, experiment and explore the practical aspects of science, while applying the theoretical principles learnt as part of the school curriculum. The use of kits and technology implies that these classes are a welcome break from the monotony of school textbooks and frightful exams. “Since it is difficult to integrate these classes with the normal school curriculum owing to the fixed syllabus that the different examination boards have, classes are conducted separate from the existing curriculum, to ensure an enjoyable learning experience” says Omar.


Several videos on the ScrapLabs YouTube channel feature the experiences of school-going children who have attended the ScrapLabs classes. The common thread that ties all of their experiences together is that of a fun, encouraging, practical learning experience that they look forward to immensely. “We know we have made a change when parents tell us that their child has now begun to question things a lot more” says Omar. ScrapLabs has also conducted workshops with visually impaired and differently abled students.


In order to realise their goal of converting learning into an activity that children enjoy and look forward to rather than dread, ScrapLabs has created a Mentorship Fellowship Program—a part time,paid fellowship program that helps talented young individuals bring about a positive change in various schools across Delhi/NCR. Fellows commit to a minimum of 3 months-10 months period during which they will be required to mentor a batch of students in different schools on a weekly basis. While imparting valuable hands-on learning to students, the fellows themselves pick up important skills, emerging more competent. Fellows are required to commit to 12 school hours in a week.

Students need not have prior teaching experience in order to apply to the ScrapLabs Fellowship Program. Further, it is not mandatory for students to have a science background. Students pursuing/who have completed their undergraduate studies and masters students are eligible to apply.



For further information: http://scraplabs.in/fellowship/

Contact: +91 9560877956


Featured image: ScrapLabs


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