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The fate of Britain post BREXIT and the big Indian Oxford dream

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A practice of democracy by the people of Britain has lead to what is now commonly known as BREXIT. With a referendum held on 23rd June, 2016, 71.8% of the population exercised their right to vote, which has been the largest since the 1992 general elections with 52% voting in the favour of BREXIT.

While experts are busy gauging the ramifications of BREXIT on International Trade and Politics, Indian students are left wondering about its impact on their plans of pursuing higher education in the country that once ruled more than half of the world.

Firstly, the Greens– the European students, who are not treated as International Students, pay Domestic fee rates, which might not be the same and/or consequently may even go up. As for the Indian Students, we were already paying International fee rates and so, may not be affected too much. However, if the Pound remains weak against the Indian Rupee (lets pray it does!), we might be better off paying in Sterling!

Secondly, it’s the procedural clearance which has stomped on a lot of dreams- THE VISA. The original notion behind BREXIT was to reduce the inflow of migrants from other European countries in search of jobs. The United Kingdom, under the Treaty of Maastricht in 1992, integral to the EU, however, cannot deny the inflow of migrants. This made the original United Kingdom residents feel as if being robbed of the jobs meant for them.The university sector in the United Kingdom has been demanding UK net Migrant Figures to exclude European students. However, if contrarily, the United Kingdom starts to include these students in this count as well, it would not be wrong to expect a decline in the number of Indian Students getting Visa. Also, once UK finally exits the EU, it can simply deny the inflow of people from EU countries creating difficulties for students studying in France, Norway etc, who come to the United Kingdom, the trade hub for all summer trainings and internships.

Apart from the aforementioned, BREXIT might also raise the possibility of other European countries to leave the European Union and raise similar questions for students aiming to apply in universities of Germany, Norway etc.However, nothing can be said as of now as the final decision and the fate of United Kingdom remains in the hands of the British Parliament who is yet to make their final call. Let’s just hope that the British parliament takes a thoughtful decision and doesn’t end up crushing the big Indian oxford dream!

Image credits: www.indianexpress.com

Aditya Narang
[email protected]

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