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Hindu College’s stringent rules for the newly-built girls’ hostel, protests follow

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Hindu College of Delhi University has recently invited applications for its newly constructed girls’ hostel. But, the rules laid out in the hostel prospectus have vexed students enormously as they believe that the rules are regressive in nature and puts the girl students in an unjust position.

Organisations like The Students Federation of India (SFI), Pinjra Tod and All India Students’ Association (AISA), working for the welfare of university students, have condemned such an action taken by the college authorities.

The prospectus says that the fee of the girls’ hostel is around Rs. 80,000 annually which is almost double the fee of boys’ hostel.  It instructs the girl students to dress in an appropriate manner. It also states that the girl students should be inside the hostel by 8:30 pm and cannot leave their room after 11 pm. Residents are to take permission from the warden in case they wish to enroll in a course or coaching outside or if they wish to attend a cultural program.  The other ‘bizarre’ rule enumerated by the students is that there is allowance for only one night out from the hostel in a month.

Credits: AISA's Facebook Page
Credits: AISA’s Facebook Page

While talking to The Hindu, Shambhavi Vikram, a student of Hindu College and an active member of Pinjra Tod said “Hostels in Miranda House and Lady Shri Ram College allow six night-outs to girls in a month. Why should girls live in such an expensive hostel and be like prisoners? We will not be allowed to watch TV in the common room after 10.30 p.m. Other hostels also have rules, but the time there is at least till 1 a.m”

Principal Anju Srivastava said “The College is concerned about safety. Since this is the first year that the hostel is going to be operational, we want to be extra careful, which is why we have kept the clause of taking permission from the warden. Permission will be granted, why not?”

A protest was held in the college premises earlier today where the students raised their voice regarding the disparity in the fee structure and the dress code the girls are expected to follow in hostels. The principal promised to speak to the chairman to reconsider the fee rules and write to the UGC regarding the same.  She also mentioned about providing all written and verbal assistance in the issue.

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