Bazinga: DU announces year back for students who write 2015 on assignments

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The concept of a year back which we thought had been done away with ever since DU decided to have each of its current three batches following a different system, seems to have returned and that too in the most bizarre way possible. Delhi University declared on Friday that, all students who write 2015 on their assignments and/or their internal assessments would immediately receive a year back even if they’ve successfully passed the semester that ended in November 2015. The DU administration office is yet to declare a statement as to why exactly they have decided to introduce such a rule but sources say that, it is due to many students somehow managing to acquire assignments from their seniors and resubmitting them after whitening out the tick marks very artfully.

Student Unions are infuriated to say the least. A member of DUSU sent out a threat to the administration and the VC’s office warning them that protests are being planned and are just around the corner. Other student political parties too have decided to put their differences aside and come together to fight against this barbaric rule. “We all follow different ideologies but we have to find common ground sometimes for the welfare of the students. If we work together with the NSUI and ABVP we will surely be able to repeal this rule, just as we did with the FYUP two years ago,” said a member of the AISA. College Unions too have called on its students to organize mass bunks as a sign of protest against the notification. This hasn’t proven to be successful just yet because although students are annoyed they aren’t willing to take the risk of missing their classes and angering their teachers just yet.

Whether this will turn into another fiasco such as the one with the FYUP in 2014 or it will becoming a part of DU’s many draconic rules and regulations, only time will tell!

Disclaimer: Bazinga! This is our weekly column of almost believable fake news.

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