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CRY urges people to “Get Healthy” to ensure children get a healthy start

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Online crowd-funding campaign “Get Healthy.Give Healthy” is bringing together individuals who are pledging personal health goals to raise funds for children in age group of 0-6 years

A healthy nation is a wealthy nation, they say. You may have been tired of reading this cliché, but it perhaps perfectly describes how healthy population is a major indicator of a nation’s progress and growth. While India’s development story continues to grow, different sections of the population still grapples with health issues. The middle class, is nearly 170 million, is fighting lifestyle related health issues, with stress and chronic illness taking a toll on them. On the other hand, children in India are battling lack of nutrition with 50% of the child population suffering from malnutrition. In fact, statistics show that 77 out of every 1000 children do not even get to live up to the age of five a major factor being the lack of nutritional food.

In an attempt to marry these two issues and aid the privileged community to extend their support to underprivileged children, CRY has launched the ‘Get Healthy, Give Healthy’ campaign that encourages individuals and collectives and gives them an opportunity to switch to a healthy lifestyle and pledge their support to facilitate a healthy start for a child in India. The funds raised from the campaign will ensure better immunization, health care and nutrition for children under 0-6 years across India.

Under the campaign, individuals will be required to pledge to achieve their health goals either by giving up things that make them unhealthy like sweets; cigarettes etc or engaging in fitness exercises/sports to actively meet their targets. In the process they can ask their friends and relatives to donate money as they achieve various millstones. This in turn will facilitate better health, nutrition, education and immunization of about 281,405 children from 0-6 years across India.

For the campaign, CRY has partnered with a crowd funding website called Ketto, on which, individuals and teams are raising pledges for getting and giving a healthy lifestyle to themselves and children in India who are taking up challenging health goals.

In addition to this, the Volunteer Action Team of CRY has made a pledge on behalf of all young adults in Delhi. We urge all our readers to contribute to the Get Healthy, Give Healthy campaign which will surely impact the lives of the thousands of children in our country.

You can go to and make your little contribution for a healthy India. Take a look at the informative video for more details about the campaign. 

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