An Initiative to Spread Awareness on Arthritis

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Arthritis affects over 180 million people in India, with 10% of arthritis patients being among the youth. Considering the alarming prevalence of this condition, Yogindra Malik, a 24 year old software engineer by profession, is leading a unique initiative powered by the youth to spread awareness regarding arthritis and its associated symptoms and conditions. Recognising the fact that people with arthritis face unique barriers such as high costs of treatment, and difficulty accessing medication, this initiative is geared towards reducing the burden of the patients and their families through a committed network of volunteers.


Personally affected by a number of sports injuries, Yogindra believes in the life-altering significance of disseminating information. “There is a definite lack of knowledge pertaining to arthritis, particularly among the youth. Awareness can help in preventing the condition from aggravating,” he says. Further, juvenile arthritis is a serious condition that affects thousands of children and their families in the country. Through this initiative, Yogindra seeks to facilitate access to resources and care for arthritis patients, by partnering with health care providers to ensure powerful health tracking tools and local resources to persons affected by the condition.


Through social media communities and fund-raising events, this initiative aims at bringing individuals with arthritis and their families together, to get the support they require while supporting others in need at the same time.


Yogindra hopes to involve the Delhi University student community in spreading trusted awareness in order to ensure timely intervention in the case of this debilitating condition. Students are invited to volunteer with this initiative or register as campus ambassadors, by sending in their CV to [email protected].


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