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6 movies every wannabe corporate honcho ought to watch

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Start-ups are the order of the day, business acumen has never been more ubiquitous in students and wall street  is a maniacal obsession.

It is only obvious then that the corporate world, the stock market hold a special intrigue for us and entrepreneurship as an idea that thrills us beyond words. Movies are the best way to bring the economic and commercial world to the masses. Here’s a hand-picked list of visual delights to watch.

  1. Inside Job

Shocking portrayal of the most significant global economic crisis, this movie churns out a plethora of business insights.  Everyone was responsible, from the financial institutions to the business leaders and government organizations.

  1. The Social Network

This haunting account of the rise and fall and rise of Facebook is more than just a documentation of the history of this epic company. It leaves you wondering how friendships and connections can go sour, and whether one is ready to pay the price for it, if you get to become a billionaire.

  1. Wall Street

This is a classic among business students. Although based in a technologically inferior time than ours, its essence remains relevant even today. The charm of trading and stock brokerage never dies.  Insider trading, greed, ambition, and questionable loyalties make it worth your time.

  1. Other people’s Money

This movie is your guide to a hostile takeover bid. If you believe that celluloid heroes and villains are accurate depictions of the real life, you’re in for a treat. The realistic story is relevant, and the liquidator’s ruthlessness is intimidating.

  1. Barbarians at the Gate

Yet another classic, the intrigue begins with its title itself. It is based on a true story, and the inevitable battle of aggressive business tactics will have you hooked.

  1. Margin Call

This is a relatively recent flick, and the storyline is refreshing. Now that the US financial crisis hurts a little less, we may as well watch the documentation of the fall of Lehman Brothers.

It has been called “the best wall street movie made till date”. Need we explain more?

Do watch these tales of morality to conspiracy theories to David-and-Goliath fables and get that kick of inspiration.

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