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Mercatus, JMC, organises talk with Shoed Up founder Rahul Ratta

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Mercatus, Marketing Club of Jesus and Mary College organized an interactive session with the designer and marketer Rahul Rattu. An alumnus of the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Rahul is currently an owner of the startup – ‘shoed up’ where he adds a quirky edge to ordinary items like Shoes, Earphones, Mugs and Eyeglasses. Being a specialist in the unique art of shoe painting and doodling, he had come up to share his experiences and challenges as a young designer.


The talk commenced with a video of his creative art works ranging from shoes to wayfarers, which was displayed on RSTV.  This was followed by his elucidation on the unique art of shoe painting that he had been doing since 8 years. The discussion was based on how; with boundless imagination and the stroke of creativity he was successful in recreating dull accessories into impeccable masterpieces.

During the discussion he elaborated on how he transformed his idea of startup into reality while probing deep into the realms of innovation. He then explained how he expanded his scope while working on the plan of launching his own brand. It was followed by the display of his portfolio to the audience.


Lastly, he answered the questions based on the struggles, challenges, marketing and pricing of the crafted products. Regarding the message to the aspiring marketers and entrepreneurs, he said, “Don’t restrict yourself, explore in as many ways as you can, everyone has their own style of art, don’t leave what you’re good at and keep on experimenting.”

It was the first event for the marketing club for the upcoming term. The president said that the club would continue to organize such sessions and events that will encourage the aspiring youth to convert their plans to action.

Image Credits: Preeti Sridhar, JMC


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