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How it feels to not be a part of a college under DUSU

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As election fever grabs Delhi University, a vivid picture of its political culture is reflected in all colleges affiliated with it. From widespread campaigning to fliers scattered all around the campus, from exuberant slogans to demonstration rallies, from promising posters to utmost commotion – the entire ambiance of elections isn’t a thing worth missing. But, we do.

Being a part of Jesus and Mary College, one of the few colleges exempted from the Delhi University Student Union election procedure and working, election time for us is just like any other time during the year. While an atmosphere of zeal and vibrancy captures most of the colleges in the political whirlpool, we have normal classes scheduled for us. No one is aware of the candidates, no one is concerned about the result. The possibility that we’re missing something huge strikes us only when the final day of election arrives.

The obvious handicap of this system is that we don’t have a say in the political affairs of the University that may directly or indirectly affect us. We are not allowed the right of representation in the Students’ Union of the University we so proudly belong to.

But there is a silver lining. With the ebullient atmosphere comes the political controversies, fights, lying and more.  Do the disadvantages exceed the advantages when it comes from being excluded from the Delhi Union Students’ Union? I think so.

Lovleen Kaur

[email protected]

Currently in my third year, studying Political Science major at Ramjas College. I love chicken and books and sleeping. If you want to talk, feel free to drop me a mail at [email protected] or you can reach me through Facebook, Arindam Goswami. Kudos!

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