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5 reasons why DU should be amongst your top choices for college education

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University of Delhi is often at the top of the wish-list of all Indian students who are about to enter college life. If you are still in two minds about why admissions in DU are so sought after, or even if you’re amongst the many DU aspirants who want a reaffirmation that they are about to make the right choice, we’ve got you covered!

Reputation and ranking

DU, with its strong commitment to excellence in teaching and research has made itself a role-model and path-setter for other universities in the country. According to the QS World University rankings for the year 2014 as well as the India Today 2014 survey, DU has been ranked first in terms of “Employer Reputation”. On the basis of academic reputation, the University made into the ‘Top 200 Universities’ of the world along with a few IITs. DU ranks 166th in the field of Social Science and Management, 194 in Arts and Humanities and 220 in Life Sciences. The English Department of DU ranked in the 51-100 group in QS’s annual survey beating the likes of Nottingham and Purdue.

Festivals, seminars and exposure

The University has numerous colleges and hence, the year is filled with events ranging from annual cultural festivals to department meets to interesting seminars and events. The cultural events of DU are one of a kind; with the raging society culture, celebrity visits and media visibility making the events, especially the festival season, extremely popular and sought after.

The department meets are also a great way of indulging in fun activities related to a particular subject. It helps break the subjects away from just the monotonous side of academicsand give them a fun and approachable approach. And what’s the best thing is that for a number of events, you do not need to belong to any society or group. You just need to be interested and show up for it!

Notable Alumni and Faculty

DU has a number of achievements to its name, mostly in the form of its excellent alumni. The University, which has been around since 1922 , has been the place of learning for some of the best personalities in their fields. DU’s notable alumni list is long and includes names from diverse fields like Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi (LSR), Arun Jaitley (SRCC), Shah Rukh Khan (Hans Raj), Mira Nair (Miranda House) and many more.

Delhi University is also associated with a great faculty that once included Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen as a Professor of Economics, who was also an alumnus of Delhi School of Economics.

So, rest assured about being a part of the best company, with future change makers milling alongside you as you learn from excellent teachers!


There are innumerable opportunities available to Delhi University students. Studying at one of the best institutions in the country opens up doors to the best internships and placements. Among the many initiatives the University has taken towards a more holistic educational experience, there is ‘Gyanodaya‘, the ‘College on Wheels’ initiative, which was started off in 2012. The University is always revising its syllabi and introducing new courses. Several colleges in DU also have tie-ups with educational institutes with other countries, which leads to classroom exchange programmes, like the Indo-Dutch programme involving Miranda House, SRCC and Utrecht Business School, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

The idea is that being at Delhi University will make sure that there is no shortage of opportunities for you to grab and make the most of them!


DU offers a plethora of courses in the fields of Science, Commerce, and Social Sciences. The current undergraduate courses are of three-year span since the Four Year Undergraduate Programme (FYUP) rollback and are one of the most sought after courses in the country. In recent years, new courses have been added which include Food Technology and Applied Psychology. Currently, admissions to the courses are entirely merit based with an exception of Business Studies and Business Economics.

Apart from this, individual colleges often also make available other language, tourism or mass media related certificate courses after college hours which students may apply for.

These are just some of the many perks of being a Delhi University student. It isn’t perfect but it has a lot more to its credit than many other educational institutes. You are absolutely right in considering DU as one of your top choices for higher education.

We wish everyone the best of luck for the application process!

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