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CIC students launch project to help visually impaired students in DU

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While Delhi University has a number of visually impaired students on campus, the infrastructure and support extended to them is usually not adequate. To help bridge this gap, three students from the Cluster Innovation Centre have set up a project called “Being Able” this year.

Ajay Vishwakarma, Pradeep Kumar and Yadav who are first year students of Humanities and Social Science took on this project after observing the difficulty visually impaired DU students face on a daily basis. Following a discussion with their professor, they decided to launch a campaign to match these students with student volunteers who could help them write their papers ahead of the 2014-15 Semester Exams. “This is our first project in a series of initiatives to make college life easier for differently abled students,” said Ajay.

Student volunteers can register through an online form after which their examination schedules will be matched with the requirements of the visually impaired students who sign up for the program through a helpline the three students have set up. The matching process will be manual for now, but the team hopes to rope in IT students from the CIC to come up with a technical method of bringing the two parties together. The estimated requirement of student volunteers is around 700 to 800. The team has also been going from college to college to collect offline volunteer registrations. Once this project is successful, the three students plan to expand the campaign for other forms of examinations in Delhi too. Interested students can volunteer for the program here. 

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