Interview with Shatakshy Bhatt, President of IP College for Women

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Being the representative voice for all students means responsibility: IPCW College President

Shatakshy Bhatt, a final year History (Hons.) student at Indraprastha College for Women, is the President of the Students’ Union and has been a part of it for two years now. She believes that at IPCW, any event, achievement, or accolade is a byproduct of the combined efforts of the faculty, the advisory board, the students’ body and the students alike. She opines that a sense of responsibility and belongingness is the key to long-term success in an institution.

DU Beat recently sat down to have a conversation with her, which gave us insights into the functioning of the system:

Kritika: How long have you been in the Students’ Union, or is it your first stint?

Shatakshy: I’ve been a part of the college union for past 2 years now. I was the Vice-President of the college student union last year. Needless to say, two very great years.

Kritika: What enables you to manage all the events and activities, along with classes, and other academic requirements?

Shatakshy: The task is not an easy one at all. Herculean is what describes it. It is the support of our Principal, the teachers of my departments, my Union Advisor and ECA convener, along with my entire union members who have been a strong pillar for my strength and smooth functioning of the college events. It is with their support and help that it has become possible. The Union really does work in unison.

Kritika: How active has the Students’ Union been this year? Give us some details of the activities that the union has been involved in.

Shatakshy:Honestly, this year the union has been the most active and enthusiastic since all my almost three years in college. Since the beginning of the session, we’ve been very active from the celebration of Independence Day, Freshers’ party, Gandhi Jayanti, Swacch Bharat Abhiyan(still in work), Festival Mela, DMRC self-defense workshop, Run-for-unity to name a few. All these events took a lot of hardwork and dedication and the support of the union who have helped me in organizing and executing it with no difficulties.

The Swacch Bharat Abhiyan has been one of the greatest achievements, and is a constant work-in-progress.

Kritika: How important do you think is the role of the Students’ Union for the overall development of the college?

Shatakshy: The students’ union is major part of the college functioning. It is what represents the students on the level of both college and university. We’re the voice of all the students in college. It is our crucial role to mobilize them about anything in college and also imbibing in then a sense of belongingness towards the college. The college is also in some way dependent on the union for the smooth working.

Kritika: What advice would you churn out for other college students who would acquire leadership positions in the coming years?

Shatakshy:There is as such no advice to students from other colleges. But just a point, if you take up power, be responsible towards it. Justify your role with full dedication and determination. Push your boundaries, go out of the way to a level so as to do better every time compared to the last one.

Kritika Narula

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Image credits: Students’ union, IP College

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