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Abscissa ’15: Maths Department fest at Maitreyi College

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1. SNAKES AND LADDERS The age old snakes and ladders with a twist of a maths quiz, where one’s fate was determined by their math skills on a life size Snakes and Ladders. 2. MONOPOLY This event was for people with a keen eye for the best deals, who are always calculating the better bargain. Monopoly with a hint of a round table betting game from the streets of London, it’s time to move on from mock stocks it seems! 3. DOODLE-O-MATH A T-shirt painting competition where mathematics met art. It was a call out to all the painters to grab their colours and show the world how good they were. 4. AD-MAD Ad Mad presented the participants with the unique opportunity to use the other side of their brain and showcase their creative streak combined with quick thinking to come up with a unique advertisement and a hilarious punch line for a given product. Other side events at Maitreyi’s Maths Department Fest included, Sudoko, Teen Patti, Bollywood Trivia, Lucky Seven, Photo Booth (by MAD). Students from IIT Delhi, Lady Irwin College, Jesus and Mary College, PGDAV, Maharaja Agrasen College, Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, Arybhatta, Satyawati, Ram Lal Anand College and Maitreyi took part in various events and went home with attractive rewards. Tarushi Varma [email protected] [gallery ids="31252,31253,31251,31250,31249,31245,31246,31247,31248"] Picture credits at Apeksha Dass, Maitreyi College.]]>

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