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Clash of fest dates, an inconvenience for societies in Delhi University

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If exchanging team slots doesn’t work, the last resort is contacting the event head and begging them to change the performance timings. If this doesn’t work (which in most cases it doesn’t) then deliberate delaying is a mechanism known to many. People involved in theater, music and dance seem to be the most affected by these clashes. Preliminary events at one fest and a performance at another fest on the same day has become a common thing to witness. Others however don’t seem so keen on hurrying from one place to another. “I just choose the best event from a bunch and go and attend it” says Nidhi Panchal, an English student from Dyal Singh College. The best events according to her would be the ones which are ‘executed and presented properly’. Proximity also plays a big factor. “Just choose a place where you have the best shot at winning” she further adds. Despite the numerous difficulties, we hope everyone stays enthusiastic about the fest season and we wish them good luck.]]>

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