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India v/s Pakistan: because it is much more than just a game!

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Who wouldn’t remember the match between India and Pakistan in the semi-finals of the Cricket World Cup 2011? The match generated one of the highest TRPs ever; shutters of shops were down for the entire day, businesses were shut, roads were bought to a standstill; even in countries where Cricket is not that a popular game, this particular Cricket match was seen by millions! This is what takes place when there happens to be a World Cup Cricket match between India and Pakistan. It just does not remain a Cricket match anymore, but transforms into a clash of personalities, sentiments and much more between the two countries.

Well, history is sure to get repeated now  on 15th February, when Cricket players from both the countries will again meet for a World Cup India v/s Pakistan match in Australia. Yes, it has been four years and the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is about to start in Australia.

Precedent has it that Pakistan has never been able to beat India in a World Cup match! As shocking as it may sound, the fact is true. This is when Pakistan has a better winning record in one-day international cricket than India. Adding to the already heated up contest, this particular piece of information makes the World Cup Cricket matches between both the countries even more interesting since Pakistan is always eyeing for their first ever World Cup win over India and India on the other hand plays to defend its world record feat of not losing ever against Pakistan in a world cup match. To add to an already exciting contest scheduled on 15th of February, some high-profile political dignitaries and top actors from both the countries are also expected to be present during the match.

With hardly any time left, both teams have accumulated their resources and are working hard day in and day out to have an edge over the opposing team and battle it out during the final contest on the Cricket play field. What is there to look forward to would be the class batting of the talented Indian batsmen and fierce pace of the gifted Pakistani seam bowling! Also on the cards would be an even contest since both the sides in the past have performed equally well in one-day international Cricket.

 DU Beat wishes the Indian Cricket team for the awaited India v/s Pakistan match as well as the whole championship. Save the Cup, boys!

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