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Food Review: Crazy Kitchen, Satya Niketan

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South Campus and its sister hangout location – Satya Niketan, have been known to provide college students with a friendly and holistic atmosphere. The restaurants are extremely trendy and are primarily theme based. When you go a bit further into the interiors of the Satya market, you can easily find Crazy Kitchen.

Crazy Kitchen is a small café to savour chef speciality treats and exotic drinks that would surely awe your taste buds in an instant. The atmosphere is extremely homely, owing to the fact that the interiors are ‘cottage’ themed which incorporate seats made of jute and earthy chandelier lamps to compliment them.

I ordered white sauce pasta to begin with. The bhaiya who owns the outlet can often be seen sweating it out to make your dish as special as each of his dishes. The owner would keep you laughing throughout your dining experience, making the service excellent.

It took 6 -7 minutes for the dish to get ready. Although the dish was common, the ingredients were not. The ooziness of the cheese and the taste of the spices was spot on.  To quench my thirst I went with the traditional Oreo Shake. The Oreo shake took about 5 minutes and was heavy and tasty. The service to go with it was top notch again.

The budget for a meal which includes food and drinks would generally cost 160 rupees which is extremely economical.

Music is another field where Crazy Kitchen excels. The owner keeps an old tape recorder and plays varying songs without any hindrance. Hence the place is soulful and definitely a recommended hangout spot.

The only place where Crazy Kitchen is lacking is the fact that the eatery is extremely small, so it is advised not to go around with more than 7 people, which would ultimately result in no seats for the excess number of people.

To conclude, I’d call Crazy Kitchen a fine and humble eatery that can be added to any student’s itenary.



Ishaan Sengupta believes meeting people and understanding their differences gives him kick and a good trip. Hailing from the city of joy, he carries along with him the bong culture of "living and breathing" music, food and art. The socially awkward correspondent in team, he's currently pursuing a Bachelor with Honors in Economics from Motilal Nehru College. His favorite cartoon shows are Teletubbies and Dragon Ball Z. Do drop him a mail at [email protected] in case you want to give him some free advice or want to meet him personally.

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