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Three anticipated changes in Delhi University in 2015!

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1. DU still awaits AICTE approval for B.Tech Courses The year 2013 saw thousands of students enrolling themselves in the University of Delhi under the FYUP system. The coming months witnessed the rollback of the same. While most of the courses were reverted to the TYUP system, the B.Tech courses were retained as four year courses. [caption id="attachment_29620" align="aligncenter" width="960"]btech B.Tech students of University of Delhi protesting at North Campus, demanding AICTE approval for their course on February 9th, 2015.[/caption] But the mere survival of the courses has not lessened the worries of the students pursuing them. No college offering these courses has paid any attention to seek AICTE’s i.e. All India Council for Technical Education’s approval for the same. The future of more than 6000 students is left dangling for want of the AICTE approval which is needed for any B.Tech degree to be a legal one. ABVP, in their manifestos, had promised AICTE approval for the B.Tech courses but this hasn’t yielded any result yet. For detailed information on the B.Tech issue, visit here.

 – Shaurya Sahai ([email protected])


 2. ‘Choice Based Credit System’ to be implemented

Conforming to the University Grants Commission’s directive for the adoption of a uniform Choice Based Credit System across all the universities in India, Delhi University may witness changes in the way the students are marked in the examinations. The idea is to ensure seamless mobility of students across the higher education institutions in the country as well as abroad, along with maintaining grade uniformity. This will especially aid migration from one college or university to another. A committee of seven members has been formed to draft a discussion paper on key issues like curriculum revision, examination and assessment systems and accountability of evaluators. cbds The members of the Academic Council are demanding that the implementation of the system be deferred to the next academic session, because the teachers have already faced a lot of problems owing to the semester system and the recently introduced FYUP. The final decision will be taken by the Executive Council and Academic Council after a meeting regarding the same. For detailed information on the Choice based credit system, visit here. 

–  Namrata Gupta ([email protected])

3. Irregularities in the admission process

The last two academic years saw a lot of commotion in the admission season because of the FYUP fiasco. As a result, many ambiguities and irregularities in the admission system ensued. Students this year expect to be informed about percentage cuts which will be implemented if a subject is missing on the mark-sheet. Confusions also abound when applicants don’t know the final cut-offs for a course for different streams. The formula of ‘best of four subjects’ also varies from college to college. For ECA or Sports quota admissions, students wish to see coordinated schedules where scheduled of different colleges don’t clash. This system should also be standardised across all college. The structure of entrance exams in the University has also been seeing constant changes. After Bachelor of Business Economics, Bachelor of Financial & Investment Accounting, Bachelor of Bachelor of Business Studies replaced Bachelor of Management Studies, the group discussion and personal interview rounds were also dropped. Entrances like CJET and CATE for Journalism and English respectively are also sought to be be-indtroduced by many members of the faculty. Such tests and entrances projected the students to fair sense of competition and encouraged them to work hard for meeting the course requirements.

– Iresh Gupta ([email protected])


Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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