BAZINGA: Lit cracker lands in SRCC staff room, internal marks lost

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DU’s top college of commerce met with ill-fate on Friday as a lit Lakshmi Bomb landed in the staff room of the college and started a fire that was later extinguished. Sources in the college are saying that among the materials destroyed were teachers’ attendance and marks registers. While attendance can be retrieved from the college’s office, the sole copy of internal assessment marks was in the staff room.

Terming the incident as an act of God, the HOD of commerce said it’s a second chance for students. “Students have been given another chance, a fresh new start, and they must not let this opportunity go,” she said, clearly suggesting that exams will be held again, after Diwali.

Most student’s, however, are not receiving the news too well. “I have not seen or heard any cracker go off in our campus. I think my answer scripts are being made into a textbook and sold without my consent. I allege conspiracy,” a student who scored a perfect 20 on 20 on all papers said. Another went on to say that teachers should give her exams since it is their fault to have conveniently kept the registers so exposed. A few frantic students were seen trying to feed almonds to their teachers hoping for them to recall the marks they’d awarded.

Others, who have reportedly not scored well in the internals, are understood to organise a puja for Lord Rama in the coming days and are calling the occurrence ‘victory of good over evil’.

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