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Reasons you should be part of a society in college

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College is like another milestone for all students, its a new beginning after our school life. College societies play a very important role in college life and most colleges provide you various kinds of societies that you get to choose from.

The five reasons you should be a part of a society are :-

For meeting new and your kind of people: The most important and exciting reason is that you get to meet a lot of new people. Societies are full of like minded and interesting individuals whole may share the same  interests as you. Its unbelievable how you get to meet students from different walks of life and various other courses who you would have never interacted with otherwise. .Like if you’re crazy about photography then you’ll get to be a part of a group where every single person is equally dedicated and likes doing what you do.

For the society meetings: Sometimes you can find yourself sitting in a class and feeling out of place.  Academics is a very important part of college but if you want to explore your options and learn different things apart from what you’re being taught in class you should certainly consider being part of a society. Society meetings that take place often are almost as important as classes, sometimes even more. These meetings turn out to be very interesting as the topic of discussion is regarding something that you love doing and has attracted you towards the particular society in the first place.

For not having a single identity: Im sure you just don’t want to be known by the course you’ve taken up in college. Like being the “Math kid” or the “English kid” can become your identity in college. Instead being a part of a society helps to make your peers or seniors  look at you in a different light.

For building up your resume: Being part of a society also is a very good way to build up your resume. Everyone wants to have a strong resume in college and being in a society and working with people is a good way to master the skill of team work. You learn to make decisions as a group, considering every individuals opinion.

For all the perks: Lastly one of the most exciting parts of being in a society are the perks that you get. You get to own fancy society badges and t-shirts. You get to visit various colleges and give out station performances. Societies also have small get togethers and parties, specially after good performances or if your society has received good feedback.

Overall being in a society can be really fun and adds up a lot to your college experience.

Meghna Mitra
[email protected]

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