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Mildly Offensive Content: When Students of DU and Poetry Come Together

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Mildly Offensive Content is a group trying to revive the dying form of verse, the Spoken Word; it is a group which is striving to amalgamate the thin line between rhyme and events of our day to day lives and where the students of DU have come together with one of the most blessed forms of human expression- Poetry.

It’s a Delhi based student’s run group which excels in performing the Spoken Word form of poetry. Starting with their first performance at the American Embassy School, Mildly Offensive Content has taken long strides forward since then. Till today, their shows have expanded to various cafes like Kunzum Cafe in Hauz Khaz Village, Potbelly in Shahpur Jat, NSIT College, Sardar Patel Vidyalaya and the Downstairs Space in Panchsheel.

Apart from the performance by their own team members, Mildly Offensive Content also invites several other guest poets. According to one of the members, ‘We also invite several guest poets to perform with us, to be able to spread not just the culture of hearing poetry, but also the inspiration to imagine, write and perform. The most beautiful imageries have been crafted at our shows through a kaleidoscope of words. Following the conventions of Spoken Word, the audience show appreciation through snaps as and when they feel touched, overwhelmed or even provoked by what they hear.’

Under the genre of Spoken Word Poetry, they cover themes such as love, heartbreak and memories, to larger issues of communalism, freedom, gender, class and homosexuality. Currently at a strong 8 member team, Mildly Offensive Content plans on to work in the field of spoken word poetry for the coming years and enthrall their audiences through various strands of it.

is a sophomore pursuing Political Science (H) from SGTB Khalsa College. A graduate in Indian Classical Music and a seasoned MUNer, Anchor and Compére, he also has an interest in writing poetry. He has been working as a compére for Athletic Federation of India and is a guest columnist for a multi - state daily. A partisan of astrophysics, he thinks that our perceptions shape our realities and that a reality for one might not be for another. It's a world full of semblance, he believes. Link to his blog on Poetry:

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