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Things to look out for at the Orientation

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College orientations are a great way to familiarize yourself with a glimpse of  the next three years of your life. Even though they aren’t mandatory to attend, we highly recommend that you do. Here are a few things that you should try and learn on orientation day that you probably won’t find on any online fact sheet:

College building and amenities: Chances are, that you’ve only visited the college once before the orientation, during the admission rush. With no classes or hurry, this is an ideal day to explore your college. Check out the common rooms, library, canteen, and of course, the photocopy shop. This way, you wouldn’t feel quite as ‘dis-oriented’ on the first day of classes!


Batch mates: Here’s your chance to get your feelers out and interact with as many people as you can from across all courses, chat up with the cute guy you noticed during the admissions, or get busy forming cliques. First impression might not necessarily be the last one, but it certainly has an impact, so make sure you put your best foot forward, shed all inhibitions and get to know your batch mates.

cute guy

Seniors: These guys have been around for a year or more now, and they know how to get things done. Orientation day is a great opportunity for you to befriend a few seniors. Not only will they help you ease into this new life, they can also help you procure old notes and give tips on which teachers’ classes you can bunk!

Faculty: The faculty teaching at your department will be introduced to you at the orientation, and there’s no harm in trying to get into a teacher’s good books even before the classes commence. After all, a few extra marks never hurt!


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